Why Best Chinese Products

by Tim Blue

Hi there!

I’m Tim and welcome to my blog!

I started Best Chinese Products numerous years ago after my trip to Shenzhen in 2016. I was blown. The scale of business there was unparalleled.

I fully understood the potential of China’ growth as a Manufacturing hub of the world and I was excited to share it with the world.

A little bit of my history.

best chinese products owner
This is me, I’m a bit camera shy 🙂

I started off initially helping my friends with their sourcing requirements for their small businesses. After getting many requests from other businesses to help with sourcing, I understood there’s a big demand for Chinese products.

Wholesale China – Shenzhen and Yiwu

I decided to create Best Chinese Products to introduce to the world the underrated sellers and underrated products from China. I initially wrote all the content for this blog by myself for the first few years and then I built a team in the past few years to help me with curation and writing.

I consider myself an expert on Chinese commerce because of the amount of business I’ve done with Chinese vendors.

Here is Shenzhen China

Shenzhen – the center of all electronics. This is where I have been to so many times pre COVID.

Before covid, I’ve been going to Shenzhen numerous times a year for distributing products for myself and for a friend who runs a various dropshipping and wholesale businesses. There are so many electronic parts, from a little component of your iPhone 13 down to that small little bulb in your LED light.

Here is Yiwu China

Yiwu in China is the World’s Biggest Small Commodities Wholesale Market. There are so many wholesale businesses in Yiwu China. I went there 3 times and have lost my way 9 times! Toy, jewelries, sunglasses…. I cant stop naming.

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