How to Find Branded Replicas on Aliexpress 2023 | Aliexpress Hidden Links & How to Find Them!

by Tim Blue

Most of us cannot afford the big bucks that some of those brands charge. I’d rather have a replica that looks similar than pay for the original one. In today’s article, I’m going to help you find the best-branded replicas for all the brands out there. You can easily save 30% to 50% of your cost by purchasing a replica.

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Branded Bags on ALiexpress

Branded Watches on ALiexpress

Branded CLothes on Aliexpress

From shoes to clothes to wallets, I’ve listed all the branded replicas on Aliexpress for you below! 

First things first! 

How to find designer dupes on AliExpress?

There are a couple of ways you can find designer dupes on AliExpress. You can use a custom name that’s similar to the brand name itself. For example, Gucci will be GC and Louis Vuitton will be LV.

Another method to find designer dupes on AliExpress is by using product terms such as model number or name along with the color.For example, you can find Jordan replicas by typing in the term “Jumpman” or “Designer Basketball Shoes”.

How to find AliExpress hidden links?

There are a number of places from where you can get AiExpress hidden links such as Reddit threads, websites that are dedicated to AliExpress and even some Telegram channels offer hidden links on AliExpress that you can shop from.

Does AliExpress sell branded products?

AliExpress does sell high quality branded products, just not the premium kind. You can find Chinese branded products like Oppo or Xiaomi, but you won’t find original luxury products like Prada, Gucci or Balennciaga.

Complete List of Hidden Links are below

It’s not easy to find popular brand replicas just like that on Aliexpress. You need to type in keywords. In this article, we will share with you the links and the keywords you need to use. 

A few replica examples on Aliexpress!

Branded replicas on aliexpress
michael kors replica online on aliexpress
nike replicas on aliexpress
Rolex replicas on aliexpress

Best Replica Clothing 

If you are looking for replica clothing that won’t cost you a bomb, then check out the list below of the best branded replica clothing. From the best brands such as Diesel and Guess to everyday brands such as Gap and H&M for way cheaper! 

replica clothing
Abercrombie & Fitch AliexpressLink
Alpinestars AliexpressLink
Billabong AliexpressLink
Balenciaga AliexpressLink
Belstaff AliexpressLink
Bershka AliexpressLink
Calvin Klein AliexpressLink 1

Link 2
Camel AliexpressLink
Desigual AliexpressLink
Diesel AliexpressLink
Forever 21 AliexpressLink
GAP AliexpressLink 1
Guess Aliexpress

H&M AliexpressLink
Paul FrankLink
Victorias Secret Bags
Victorias Secret Lingerie
Link 2

* If the links are broken. Reach out to me and I will send you an updated link

Best Replica Watch Brands 

Watches can be one of the most expensive purchases in one’s life. If you don’t want to overspend on watches and want to build up a collection of some good looking watches, then check out the best replica brands of watches from Aliexpress. Get the best of Rolex, Seiko, Cartier and more. 

tissot replica
Cartier AliexpressLink
Casio AliexpressLink
Citizen AliexpressLink
Ecko Aliexpress
Rolex AliexpressLink
Seiko Aliexpress

Omega Aliexpress


Best Replica Sports Brands / Best Replica Shoes Brands

If you like to wear sports wear like tees, shorts and track pants, but don’t want to spend too much on the actual ones. Get replica sportswear from replica brands of Adidas, Nike, Puma and more. 

Asics AliexpressLink

Adidas AliexpressLink


Lacoste AliexpressLink
Nike AliexpressLink 1

Link 2
The North Face AliexpressLink
Puma AliexpressLink

Converse AliexpressLink
Skechers AliexpressLink

Timberland AliexpressLink

Vans AliexpressLink

Balenciaga AliexpressLink
Yeezy AliexpressLink

Best Luxury Replica Brands

The best luxury brands in the world are not differentiated based on their quality. Trust me, the quality for most products out there are the same. They are differentiated by their design. Every brand has a different look and you don’t have to pay a lot of money to get that distinct style! 

prada replica
Burberry AliexpressLink

Bvlgari AliexpressLink

Christian Louboutin AliexpressLink

Emporio Armani AliexpressLink will be updated soon
Gucci AliexpressLink

Hugo Boss AliexpressLink will be updated soon
Issey Miyake AliexpressLink

Louis Vuitton AliexpressLink

Marc Jacobs AliexpressLink
Michael Kors AliexpressLink

Moschino AliexpressLink

Prada AliexpressLink

Ralph Lauren AliexpressLink

Tiffany & Co AliexpressLink

Tommy Hilfiger AliexpressLink

Yves Saint Laurent AliexpressLink

If you don’t find what you are looking for, here are other options! 

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Is it safe to buy branded replicas on Aliexpress?

Most people worry about purchasing and buying branded replicas on Aliexpress and the repercussions of that. The truth of the matter is, there is absolutely no problem in purchasing branded replicas. 

Most of the replicas don’t have the actual logos, but they do have the design and patterns of top brands. So it’s absolutely fine to buy branded replicas and you will have no repercussions. 

Aliexpress sellers aren’t allowed to sell branded goods of registered brands such as Nike, Adidas, Chanel and so on. So what they do instead is use something called hidden links. 

Hidden links are links on Aliexpress that is a front for another product. For example, if a seller is selling Air Jordan Shoes, he lists it under a generic product such as a USB cable or a keyboard or something similar. When your place your order, you receive your Air Jordan shoes.

Most of these links are available on Reddit through various subreddits. 

Finding Branded Products on Aliexpress

Another simple way to find branded products on Aliexpress is by using keyword combinations or certain keywords. For Example 

  • If you are looking for Louis Vuitton Bags, you can search for “LV Bags” instead
  • If you are looking for Nike Airmax, you can search for “Airmax”

Another simple, but the awesome way is to find out keyword options from the Aliexpress Keyword Suggestion Dropdown.

When I typed “Air Max”. The first suggestion was “AirMax 270” and when I clicked on it, I saw some awesome replicas.

Keyword Suggestion Tool 


Keyword Suggestions for Brands 

If you can’t find the exact product for the brand you are looking for, then you can use keywords to look for the products. A lot of sellers in their particular store use a single letter to denote the brand such as “P” brand and “G” brand which stand for Prada and Gucci respectively.

BrandKeyword Ideas to enter on Aliexpress
AdidasAdidas, Adi, Addas
Air JordanAir Jordan, Nike, Air 
Alpine StarsAlpine Stars, A stars 
American EagleAE
ArmaniAR Watch, Armaniingly
AsicsAsks Shoes
BreitlinBentley Watch
BurberryBurbry, Bur, Berry
BvlgariBV, BVG
Calvi KleinCK
Daniel  WellingtonDW Brand
DieselDie, Diezel
Forever 21F21
GucciGG + Product you want
Issey MiyakeIssey Miyake
Ralph LaurenRL Polo
ReebokReebok Shoes
VansVansing, vns
LacosteCartelo Shoes
YeezysKanye West Shoes

Best Stores on Aliexpress for Clothes

Sometimes if you just find the right store, then you will find amazing apparel for great prices. You will find top of the line clothing that you see on shops like Zara and more. They carry similar styles to these top fashion shops because they mimic their styles and manufacture the same type of clothing. 

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Eastdragon Apparel StoreLink

TYS Best Store Link

Best Stores on Aliexpress for Watches

If you are looking for stylish watches for cheap, then check out these top stores! 

Timarco Factory StoreLink

Men’s Women’s Wrist Watch StoreLink

Qstar Watch StoreLink

Boutique Watch Store Link

Best Beauty Brand Replicas on Aliexpress

BD Maleup Brush Store

Easia Makeup Store

Best Jewelry Brand Replicas on Aliexpress

LMZNDB Store – Replica of Zara Jewelry

Is Aliexpress the best place for replicas? 

Aliexpress is one of the best platforms for replicas and there is no better platform for replicas. So why is Aliexpress the best online platform for replicas? Considering that there are so many more sellers on the platform, it’s difficult for Aliexpress to track all the listings and makes it easier for the sellers to list their replica products.

Branded Replicas from Aliexpress

Save considerably on cost 

When you buy a Louis Vuitton bag, it can set you back by $200. But the truth is, the cost of making that very bag would just be about $20. They price it high to make it an aspirational product and something that people covet and find value with. Most people buy very expensive stuff for the prestige of it and how it makes them feel. Branded replicas on the other hand, give you the same feel and look, except for 50% to 60% lesser. 

Wide Range of Branded Replicas

Buying from Aliexpress means, you get choice. You aren’t restricted to just one or two brands. Aliexpress’ variety means that you get a wide range of branded replicas that you can choose from. In fact, for the price you pay for a real brand, you can get 7 to 8 replicas at the same cost, from different brands. 

Free Shipping

Aliexpress is all about reducing the cost and they do offer free shipping on most of their products. 

Fast Shipping

Many people are worried about the speed of their shipment and there are options to get your product super quick. If you want your shipment in 5 to 7 days, you can choose one of those speed post options! 

Brilliant Product Quality 

There’s one thing that a lot of people are worried about and that’s the quality of the products from China. China gets flak for creating sub-par products but the truth is, that is where iPhones are made, most of your electronics. It’s the world’s manufacturing hub and they are the best at it. Even most of the products of top luxury brands are made in China. They don’t advertise it, but that’s the truth. There are sub-par products in China, no doubt. But if you pick the right sellers like the ones listed above, then you can be rest assured to get the best product for dirt cheap prices!

Aliexpress Brands List

Apart from the list mentioned above, there is also a huge collection of brands that aren’t replicas but are top quality brands that have been giving the big brands a run for their money. You don’t always have to go for replicas, as other Aliexpress sellers have picked up their game and are making super high quality products!

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EDIT : This is an ever expanding list of Aliexpress watch sellers, Aliexpress handbag sellers, Aliexpress shoe sellers and more!

Aliexpress Watch BrandsSMAELLink




Pagani DesignLink




Handbags, Backpacks, WalletsCobbler LegendLink



Bison DenimLink

Emini HouseLink

Dida bearLink


How to find designer brands on Aliexpress

Looking for Aliexpress Designer Dupes? Then here’s a simple guide to help you find luxury brands on Aliexpress. 

How to find Gucci on Aliexpress

If you are looking for Gucci bags on Aliexpress, it might be pretty hard to find keywords. So here’s a link I’ve found that has dupes of luxury brands such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and more. 

Check it out here

How to find Prada on Aliexpress 

Prada Replicas are also quite popular on Aliexpress and you can find them with the keyword “P handbags”.

How do I find Louis Vuitton on aliexpress?

You can look for LV bags or L bags on Aliexpress. Many replica sellers don’t mention that as well and you can identify the bags based on the design. Most of the sellers won’t display the actual logo of the brand on the bag, but they might add it later, if you ask them. 

How to Find Rolex on Aliexpress

Rolex is a bit hard to find on Aliexpress, especially because of the latest clampdown on replicas. But if you want to find Rolex replicas on Aliexpress, here’s what to do. Search for KWs like Marine Master Watch and Sea Master watch.

Does Aliexpress sell fake products?

Aliexpress doesn’t sell fake products. Some store owners on Aliexpress do sell fake products or fake replicas or unauthorized replicas which are also called factory rejects. 

Where can I buy Chinese replicas?

You can buy awesome Chinese replicas on platforms like Aliexpress, DHgate, Taobao, Tmall, Alibaba, Banggood and more. Of these, the most reliable platform that does international free shipping is Aliexpress and second comes Dhgate. 

What is the best replica shoe website?

The best replica shoe website is DHgate. If you are looking for Balenciaga replicas or Adidas replicas or Nike replicas. They have it all. They have the best prices and free shipping on a lot of the products. 

Tips when Buying Goods from Aliexpress especially when buying from Hidden Links

  1. Talk to the seller before purchasing: Before buying goods from Aliexpress, contact the seller through the message/chat box on the website itself. Clarify all your questions regarding various things like conveyance address, transportation, shipping time etc. 

Sometimes some products don’t have brand names or have different spellings attached to it which might confuse you so it’s better to contact the vendor for such questions as well. 

  1. Avoid free shipping for expensive goods: Free shipping is usually done under National Post administration and takes very long to get delivered. There is also a greater risk for your items to get broken or delayed delivery

Free shipping however, is good for low cost goods. You can pick fine courier administrations like EMS, DHL etc for expensive items. 

  1. Reconsider buying goods with extremely low price: If you think that the price of a certain good is much lower than the expected then it’s best to maintain distance from those products as they might just be chinese knock offs of the real products that merely just resembles the actual product. Don’t fall into the trap and waste your money. 
  1. Import duties can be charged while delivering: Different countries have different charges for imports. You can determine your import duties with obligation calculation however, it’s not always on point. 

The duties can be higher or lower depending on the traditional investigator. Hence, there’s no point in inquiring about import duties as it’s never fixed. You’ll get updated on the website or through mail for the same. 
5. Don’t open a dispute before receiving your purchased items: Aliexpress allows you to question the vendor if you’re not happy with the items that you’ve just bought. You also get one chance to ask questions to the vendor but make sure to not be rude with him.

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Aliexpress Replicas

Most of us cannot afford the big bucks that some of those brands charge. I’d rather have a replica that looks similar than pay for the original one. In today’s article, I’m going to help you find the best-branded replicas for all the brands out there. You can easily save 30% to 50% of your cost by purchasing a replica.

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