Best Nike Sweatsuits Wholesale Vendors 2023 [Direct Sellers Listed]

by Tim Blue

Whether you’re an avid collector of Nike sweatsuits or are trying to build an offline empire of sweatsuits of your own, you need to have a source where it all comes from. And a good, reliable one at that. The marketplace is so saturated with sellers, confusing us with many details, it is hard to spot a fake. It’s simply hours of your precious time spent on an unreliable web page after webpage. 

In addition to being a curated list of the best Nike sweatsuits wholesale suppliers online, you’ll find that this article is also a comprehensive guide on how to spot fake sellers or suppliers on the internet.

Best Nike Sweatsuits Wholesale SupplierLocation
DhgateUnited States, Philippines, Spain, United Arab Emirates, China
AliExpressChina, India, Singapore
Wow WholesaleVilnius 03154, Lithuania
Macy’sManhattan Borough, New York, Herald Square
Kohl’s4 locations in USA — California, Pennsylvania, New York, and Florida
NordstromUSA, Canada, Puerto Rico
AmazonPractically across the globe
NikeUSA, France, China and UK

List of Nike Wholesalers for Sweatsuits

Menstracksuit82893% Satisfaction RatingNike Sweatsuits; Tracksuits
Premiumbrandtops Store94.5% Satisfaction RatingNike Tracksuits, Wholesale Sweatsuits
Designermenclothing295.3% Satisfaction RatingWholesale Nike Sweatsuits
Fashion051398.1% Satisfaction RatingNike Sweatsuits
Enter World Tracksuit Store93% Satisfaction RatingWholesale Nike Sweatsuits
DNKUMUS Dropshipping Store96.2% Satisfaction RatingNike Sweatshirts, Wholesale Nike Tracksuits

Where can I find the best Nike wholesale suppliers?

All of Nike’s products are manufactured outside the United States and are divided between 41 countries around the world with China and Vietnam being the largest suppliers of Nike footwear and apparel. Some of the best sellers of Nike products are found on sites like DHgate and AliExpress.

Can I buy Nike sweatsuits in bulk from their factory?

Unfortunately, the answer is No. Nike does not allow anyone to buy their clothes directly from the factory and you will only be able to purchase sweatsuits in bulk from Bike if you have a working relationship with the brand or if you have a store that deals particularly with their clothes and shoes.

Wholesale Nike Tech Fleece

A nike tech fleece and sweatsuit are quite similar. This is how a nike tech fleece looks. A Tech Fleece is basically a thicker version of the sweatknit or the sweatsuit.

Wholesale Nike Sweatsuits


Who here remembers the Silk Road? The route and the answer to all trades made in ancient times. Well, the DH in DHGate stands for Dunhuang, which used to be a critical point on the silk road. DHGate aimed to be the modern-day silk route, proving to be a connecting point between suppliers and buyers all over the world.

Sweatsuit suppliers china

A catch about DHgate is that you’d have to use a few keywords and look at the reviews to know what you’re buying because the suppliers aren’t allowed to publish the logo of the brand. So if you’re looking for (extremely) affordable Nike sweatsuits wholesale suppliers, you’re in the right place.


  • Loads of high quality products to choose from
  • Great website for wholesale and bulk orders
  • Sellers are quite responsive
  • Products are affordable
  • Products get shipped worldwide
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  • Difficult to find original products and you have to search for them using custom names


Aliexpress, the e-commerce giant is headquartered in China but commands quite the wholesale market. It has set its roots in Singapore and India as well,  and ships all over the world. There are several sellers on AliExpress, certified and renowned that sell top-notch sweatsuits, and individual sweatshirts and sweatpants as well. You’ll find a plethora of sellers that sell branded, good quality Nike sweat suits for both men and women. 

All the goods sold on the platform are sold at a supplier’s rate, making your purchase quite the bargain.

nike sweatsuits wholesale supplier


  • Website is safe and easy to use
  • Products are sold at suppliers rate and are affordable
  • Decent selection of Nike sellers
  • Website has a buyer protection policy


  • Have to find the right sellers as quite a few sell low quality products

Wow Wholesale

When you think WOW Wholesale, you can be ensured that you’ll have reliable customer service and timely delivery of quality products. All over the world, and especially in Lithuania, you can find that Wow Wholesale plays in the major leagues when it comes to being one of the best Nike Wholesale suppliers.

nike sweatsuits wholesale sellers

They have earned their reputation in the market after winning customers’ hearts for over a decade. WOW Wholesale deals with the supply of various styles of Nike sweats that are for both men and women. They also sell other sporting outfits and accessories including shoes and sportswear.  


  • Affordable pricing, cheaper than retail stores
  • High quality original Nike sweatsuits
  • Ideal for men and women
  • Secure website


  • Have to contact Wow Wholesale for bulk orders
  • Selection is not that great


Macy’s is affiliated with the popular Bloomingdale’s in the USA. It has over 395 stores, sprawled across the country. It advertises itself (and lives up to its name) as the world’s largest departmental store where you can find practically anything. Needless to say, you can find countless Nike products at the store, including sweatsuits and gear that goes along with it. Now, you can buy the product for retail or for wholesale as you please.  The wholesale prices are competitive and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

nike sweatsuits in bulk


  • Discounts on wholesale Nike sweatsuits
  • High quality products available
  • Worldwide shipping with tracking


  • Small collection of Nike sweatsuits


Channeling its presence and growing its audience for over two decades, IndiaMart has made its way onto the online platform as one of the biggest online shopping platforms in India. India is a hub for the manufacturing of Nike sweatsuits and other Nike sportswear, no wonder they offer some of the best prices you can see if you buy Nike sweatsuits from wholesale suppliers on the site. Browsing through the website, you’ll find plenty of options that work best for you.


  • Affordable products
  • Website is easy to navigate
  • Lists out a large number of Nike sweatsuit wholesalers
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  • No direct purchase links


Kohl’s is a place that keeps on giving. For every dollar you seod at Kohl’s you’re practically putting one-fifth back in your pockets. You have Kohl cash that enables you to do this. Since there are over 1000 stores all over the world, you can source your Nike sweatsuits from anywhere. They believe in customer loyalty and they show that by offering countless discounts and offers on every purchase.

nike sweatsuit sellers china


  • Original Nike products available
  • Regular sales 
  • Different styles of sweatsuits to choose from


  • Products are a bit expensive and cost similar to retail Nike sweatsuits


Nordstrom is sprawled across the Northern American countries of the USA and Canada and even Puerto Rico. They have a cumulative number of 40 stores across these countries. Your shipping is free, provided you order goods worth $100 or more. You can find an enormous range of Nike products including some swanky Nike sweatsuits at a charming price. As for retail prices, they usually have a 5% discount on them.

Nordstrom is sprawled across the Northern American countries of the USA and Canada and even Puerto Rico. They have a cumulative number of 40 stores across these countries. Your shipping is free, provided you order goods worth $100 or more. You can find an enormous range of Nike products including some swanky Nike sweatsuits at a charming price. As for retail prices, they usually have a 5% discount on them.

nike sweaters whole sale


  • Good quality products
  • Reputed site
  • They offer a returns/exchange policy


  • Near retail pricing


They don’t need any introduction. Amazon has single handedly taken over the world. Not only has it established itself as one of quality assured sellers and platforms but it has also retained its reputation and resolved issues concerning shipping, returns, or delivery tracking. Amazon offers ease in any way possible. They have innumerable Nike products on the e-commerce site, with options that help you choose color, size, and even payment options.

nike joggers wholesale


  • Large collection of Nike sweatsuits
  • High quality products
  • Most products are cheaper than retail
  • Secure website


  • Some sweat suits are expensive


Last, but not least, Nike. The original brand is home to providing who absolutely will have any particular design or product you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a niche, limited edition sweatsuit, contact one of the many, many stores located all around the world, and they’ll put you in touch with someone you can make the order with. The prices may be slightly expensive, but you’ll know you are getting nothing but the best. That surely does constitute as one of the best Nike sweatsuits wholesale suppliers.

nike fitness clothing wholesale suppliers


  • Best place to buy Nike sweatsuits
  • Authentic products
  • Timely delivery
  • Website is safe and easy to use
  • Bulk orders are accepted


  • Products bought in bulk normally don’t have any discounts

How to Pick the right Nike Wholesale Sweatsuit Supplier

Like I promised, here are some basic tips on how you can spot fake suppliers on these online platforms:

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Spending your money on something you buy online is a small risk we take every day. For more established stores, it’s alright, they are trustworthy, but for ones that emerge out of nowhere in a crowd that already exists can be problematic. As a wholesale buyer, you are obviously considering buying a clump of sweatsuits (or any other product for that matter). In that case, make sure you’re paying for what you’re seeing and are not made to believe shady lies by the supplier.

Here’s a tip I gave my friends, and now I am giving to you: If you are deciding to make a wholesale purchase of Nike sweatsuits, order just one first. Check if the quality meets your needs and then go ahead and place a larger order. You can’t go wrong that way. 

Now here are some real tips, I’ll stop preaching.

1. Price

Of course, the price has to be at the top of the list. Price is the single biggest deciding factor when it comes to a purchase. The price is probably going to tell you more about the quality of the product than the product images. Don’t let the low price of the product fool you. The wholesale deal is supposed to be much cheaper than the original retail price. Customers that come to these websites are often looking for an exact replica rather than an original that is priced low. Reason out your concerns and check for quality over money saved.

 2. Verification of Supplier

To be a seller on either of these websites, first, they need certification to be licensed sellers. Second check whether they are reputed sellers or have had a history of displeased customers. You can easily do that by checking the reviews on some of the products that the seller sells. Take your time and check what their ratings are. Check the customer service rating, product quality rating, repurchase rate, and even the convenience of tracking and delivery provided by the seller. If all of these are above average, you are safe.

3. Payment options

This is probably one of the simplest and spot-on ways you can tell whether the seller is fake or genuine. A lot of unreliable and fake suppliers will try to include cryptocurrency as a form as their payment. Be wary of such sellers. 

Genuine and trustworthy suppliers are the only ones who would enlist a pay-on-delivery option on their store site. A genuine buyer might also include a Letter of Credit payment method in their store. That being said, payment on delivery may not always be an option for genuine sellers, so don’t shortlist all that much. 

4. Quality of Products Sold

In the case of buying Nike sweatsuits from wholesale suppliers, you can be ready to receive products that aren’t exactly at par with the original products but are a close enough replica, at least in terms of quality of the cloth. The print and logo should be top-notch. Some general tips for identifying fake sellers are reading reviews on the product page to see whether there are complaints about the quality. I’d suggest that you don’t be too price-conscious and keep quality as a priority.

My final parting words to you is that take these tips seriously when you’re making a purchase from these stores in a small one or one that is in bulk to buy wholesale Nike sweatsuits. These sellers I mentioned above sell quality products and I genuinely hope you found what you were looking for!

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