Laptop Cases from China on Aliexpress & Dhgate | Where to Source them From?

by Tim Blue

The market for laptop cases is expected to hit an all time high of 3.6Billion dollars by the end of this year and it only goes to show that there’s a great demand for the product and people are ready to buy one, be it for their personal or professional needs.

China is one of the central hubs where low-budget laptop casings are made. Here you can find OEM laptop casings in abundance and even though they don’t cost much, you can rest assured that laptop cases from China are just as high quality as any laptop casing you can get from the manufacturer itself. 

Wholesale Laptop CasesRepresentational ImageProperties
Casing for Macbook Air and ProScratchproof, Durable, Non-Toxic, Anti-Slip, Heat Vents, Hard Plastic
Miuke Shock Resistant Laptop CaseWaterproof, Shockproof, Scratch Resistant, EVA Hard Shell
PU Leather Detachable Laptop Cover for HP EnvyDurable, Shockproof, PU Leather
Half Hard Shell Laptop Casing with HandleSplashproof, Scratch proof, Shockproof, Anti-Dust, PU, EVA
Shenyan Leather Laptop Casing for Macbook ProPU Leather, Scratch Resistant, Shock Proof

If you want to source wholesale laptop casings today then I’d recommend checking out some of the sellers on Chinese sites like Alibaba, DHgate and AliExpress. Here you can find a wide range of laptop casings such as those made from recycled plastic, metal, silicone and even wood. 

Today i’m going to show you some of the best wholesale laptop casings you can buy. I’ll also list out some of the best places to source them from and include a buyers guide to help you choose the most appropriate laptop casing for your needs.

Here goes

Where to buy Laptop Cases

Generic Shockproof Laptop Casing

laptop casing aliexpress

This sleek and durable laptop case is the perfect solution for a business person on the move. The interior features soft padding that will protect your laptop from bumps and scratches, while the exterior is water resistant so you won’t have to worry about splashes or spilled coffee. 

The case also comes with a flexible, but durable handle and shoulder strap that makes carrying your laptop around a whole lot easier. It’s a hot selling commodity that you can get in either a PU or Polyester finish depending on whether you want to use it for business or casual purposes.

Material – EVA, Velvet, PU/Polyester

MOQ – 500 

Samples Available – Yes

Anti-Fall Protective Case for Macbook 13”

cost of laptop casing in bulk

Here’s a Macbook casing that is lightweight and easy to carry around. It has a nice texture and a skid proof design that makes it very easy to use on any surface. The case makes your Macbook waterproof, scratch proof and dust proof so you can expect it to last for long. It comes with a ROHS certification which ensures all the components used are safe for everyday use.

This case is designed to sit on the older Macbook Air 13” and the latest Macbook Air 13” along with the new Macbook Pro 13”. The installation process is relatively easy and if you’re looking for a good wholesale deal then this seller offers both wholesale and retail offers on this casing and you can get it for as low as $6 if you buy more than two.

Material – PC + TPU

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MOQ – 2 

Samples Available – Yes

Unik PU Waterproof and Shockproof Laptop Casing

laptop case cover protector

This custom laptop casing is a protective carry case for laptops, iPads, tablets and other electronic devices. It is made from high quality PU leather and EVA material with velvet lining inside. The exterior of the casing features a soft velvet lining to prevent any scratches on your device and it comes with a detachable and  adjustable shoulder strap so you can take it anywhere you go.

You can buy this laptop casing in one of over 4 colors and it’s available in sizes ranging from 12” all the way to 17”. You can even request for a custom made case if our laptop happens to be larger than 17”. One good thing about this seller is that they sell samples at $10 a piece, but if you happen to place a wholesale order, they will refund the $10 once your order is confirmed.

Material – PU, EVA, Velvet

MOQ – 500

Samples Available – Yes

Casing for Macbook Air and Pro

laptop case protector bulk

The Macbook Air and Pro are some of the most premium laptops available today and it’s a good idea to keep the device protected from all kinds of external damages. This hard plastic, full body casing fits all Apple laptops and is available in over 10 different colors.

The transparent casing is only 1mm thick and has been made from PC material that offers complete protection from drops and scratches. The base of the casing comes with four anti-slip pads along with precise machine cut vents to help improve heat dissipation. It’s one of the most colorful looking laptop casings you can find and will be a conversation starter, no matter where you go.

Material – High quality PC material

MOQ – 50

Samples Available – No

Check it out here

Miuke Shock Resistant Laptop Case

wholesale laptop casing

The Miuke shock resistant laptop case is an EVA shell case that has been designed to offer ultimate protection for your laptop against accidental scratches, dints, scrapes, spills and dirt. The casing is shockproof, waterproof, splashproof and pressure resistant so your device stays safe at all times.

Unlike most other laptop casings, this one comes with a storage bag design for you to keep your cables and cords in. It has a zipper enclosure and a knitted soft inner lining that protects the body of your laptop from accidental scratches. 

This casing is easy to use and will slide into a Backpack, Briefcase or a Messenger Bag without any hassle. The manufacturer offers wholesale deals and the prices vary depending on the size of the casing as the Miuke shock resistant case is available for 10”, 1#”, 14” and 15.6” laptops.

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Material – High quality PU 

MOQ – 1 (wholesale up to 2000)

Samples Available – No

Check it out here

PU Leather Detachable Laptop Cover for HP Envy

laptop protectors

Here’s a detachable high quality PU leather case for the HP Envy range of laptops. It offers a perfect fit for HP Envy laptops, especially the 13” series and while it is not dust proof, waterproof nor does it provide complete protection like some of the other casings on this list, this PU leather casing is fashionable and looks great on your laptop.

It fastens onto your laptop with the help of magnets and clips that make sure it stays in place and protects the surface of your laptop from accidental drops or scratches. The seller offers bulk orders of over 2 pieces and will provide you with an additional 4% discount on the overall charge. 

Material – High quality PU Leather 

MOQ – 1 (wholesale up to 3800)

Samples Available – No

Check it out here

Half Hard Shell Laptop Casing with Handle

wholesale laptop protectors

Miuke brings to you a range of half hard shell cases for 13”, 14”, 15″ and 17” laptops, which are made from PU, EVA, Sponge and Knitted fabrics. These materials are not only durable but also splash proof and protects your laptop from external damage all while keeping it lightweight.

The case is well built and comes with a stretchable handle so you can carry your laptop around with ease. It’s not designed for any particular brand of laptop, but has been made to support Apple, Lenovo, HP, Acer, Dell Toshiba and Samsung laptops. The seller offers wholesale deals, however you will have to personally reach out to him with your requirements and take it forward from there.

Material – High quality PU, EVA, Sponge

MOQ – 1 (wholesale up to 2800)

Samples Available – No

Check it out here

Shenyan Leather Laptop Casing for Macbook Pro

cheap laptop covers

The Shenyan leather laptop case is a high quality professional case for all Macbooks Pro  laptops. It’s a well designed all leather case that comes with a fastening strap to hold the laptop  in place. Unlike some of the other casings for Macbooks on this list, this product does not come with an adjustable or detachable shoulder strap or handle.

There are over 3 thousand casings available and you can choose between black leather or tan depending on your preference. The seller is pretty responsive and you can get on a chat with him in case you have any questions about the product.

Material – Genuine Leather

MOQ – 1 (wholesale up to 3000)

Samples Available – No

Check it out here

Best Wholesale Laptop Casings Vendors

Power FactoryMiuke Store
Best PartnershipVeker Store
JiaXin008Nauxlu Store

What to look for when buying wholesale laptop casings?

The first thing to consider is the material that your laptop case is made of. There are two common materials – leather and polyurethane. 

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Leather is the most common material used in laptop cases. However, the leather used in laptop cases is not real, but a synthetic material that is designed to look and feel like real leather. They are highly durable and offer the highest levels of protection for your laptop.

Polyurethane laptop cases are usually just a one-piece case that has a thick polyurethane skin wrapped around the laptop. This skin is usually textured to look like leather and are usually less expensive than real leather cases.

Apart from the material, here are some other things to consider when buying wholesale laptop casings such as; if you need casings for smaller laptops (say 13 inches), then look for clear plastic cases that have sturdy handles and shoulder straps to make it easy to carry. For a larger laptop, then you should probably look for a case that has wheels so you can move it easily. 

The case should be big enough to hold all the components that you need, like the charger, and even an external hard disk but should also be small enough to be portable. Also, try to find a laptop case that is relatively waterproof. Since you will probably be carrying your laptop around with you, you want to make sure it will stay dry.

Finally, remember that not all expensive laptop casings offer high levels of protection. So ensure that you end up with the best deal possible, so you can save some money when buying wholesale laptop casings.


Is it safe to buy wholesale laptop casings from China?

Yes, it’s safe to buy wholesale laptop cases from China as they are cost effective and high quality products. All you can do is contact the china laptop case suppliers and give them your demands, then they will make a quotation for you. After you get their quotation and like it, then you can place the order.

Which is the best website to buy wholesale laptop casings?

AliExpress and Alibaba are two of the best websites where you can find high quality wholesale laptop casings for cheap. Products sold here are sourced directly from the manufacturers and every item is inspected before getting shipped to ensure only the best quality goods go out. There are a load of sellers on both these websites that offer bulk and wholesale deals at discounted prices. Whether you’re a seasonal buyer or someone who wants just a single item, these websites have it all.

Are laptop casings useful?

Yes, laptop casings are useful and have the important role of protecting your laptop from any kind of external damage. They keep the body of your laptop safe from scratches, water and coffee spills, and even dust collection. Some even come with an anti-shock design to keep the laptop and its display safe from falls.
How to use a laptop casing?

Laptop casings are easy to use and you wouldn’t have to spend more than 5 minutes attaching it onto your laptop. A majority of the casings come with elastic straps that hold the laptop in place whereas some have built-in magnets and other fastening mechanisms to prevent the laptop from sliding out of the casing. You would have to take the casing out of the box and attach it to your laptop based on the set of instructions provided with the case.

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