Where to buy Fake Airpods and its Cheap Alternatives (2023 update) Latest Airpods 3 & Pro Clones!

by Tim Blue

Apple has carved a niche market for itself. But it certainly has its drawbacks. To start with it is highly expensive, it does not fit all ear types or sizes. It is also not sweat-resistant. So if you need a good earbud that works for you and does not force to shell out your hard earned money, do consider the fake or lookalike airpods available online. Fake Airpods alternatives curated for you as below.

Check out the best Fake Airpods in the market as of now.

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Fake Airpods Pro vs Real

With there being different copies of the AirPods Pro available in the market, it’s only fitting that I give you a rundown on the differences between fake AirPods Pro and the real one.

The i500 for example, is a pair of TWS earbuds that is a spitting image of the AirPods Pro and there are so few differences between the two that some people have sold i500 earbuds as actual AirPodsPro at inflated prices. 

Everything about both earbuds is similar, from the box to the contents within the box. However, there are a few telltale signs that can help reveal whether or not the AirPods Pro you have is fake or real.

fake airpods pro vs real airpods pro

To start things off, Apple has recently introduced a tamper proof seal on the AirPods Pro box that can not be replicated nor can it be resealed. Fake AirPods on the other hand will have a plastic wrap on the box that can easily be ripped open and resealed again. 

fake airpods vs real box

The boxes themselves are slightly different, if you hold them up under the light you will notice that the blacks and Apple logo on the real box is darker and has a matte finish unlike the fake box which is glossy right around and made from a lightweight cardboard material.

fake airpods pro vs real packaging

Real AirPods come with the AirPods, a USB cable, wireless charger and an instruction manual. While the fake AirPods will come with the same inclusions, there are significant differences in the instruction manual over the original and the book in the fake box will have a lot of spelling mistakes and sentence formatting issues.

fake airpods vs real made in china

The design of both charging cases look identical and have a similar weight to them, however if you flip the cases over you will notice that only the original AirPods Pro will come with a printed statement “Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China” or “Assembled in Vietnam” and the fake AirPods Pro will have anything mentioned.

fake airpods vs real serial number

Another way to find out if the AirPods Pro are original or fake is by checking under the lid of the charging case. Authentic AirPods Pro will have the serial number and QR code printed on it whereas the fake case will not have anything and will be plain white.

Some fake AirPods Pro might have a fake serial number printed on it to make the device appear original. 

fake airpods pro vs real sound

Coming to the earbuds, the original AirPods Pro will have a serial number printed under the earbud which is not available on the fake AirPods or the serial number that is printed will be invalid.

The other things you can keep an eye out for while checking if your AirPods Pro are real or not are 

  • The circular silicone ear-tip on the fake AirPods Pro as opposed to the ellipse shape on the originals 
  • The metal plate at the base of the stem of the real AirPods will be smaller and the fake AirPods Pro will have less plastic at the bottom
  • The ANC microphone is not present under the black piece of plastic on fake AirPods and the placement of the touch sensors are at the top of the earbuds and not at the center of the stem

Apple is very particular about their design and since the AirPods are patented, it’s difficult to get a true copy of the original AirPods.

For example, the fake AirPods have the touch sensor located at the top of the stem, underneath the black plastic that’s supposed to house the ANC microphone. 

knockoff airpods pro vs real

The real AirPods on the other hand has the touch sensor located at the center of the stem and not underneath the piece of black plastic.

While there are a number of ways you can distinguish between fake and real AirPods Pro, the best way to find out if your AirPods are legit is to verify the serial number on Apple’s Device Authentication tool. 

how to check if my airpods are fake

This tool will be able to tell you when the AirPods Pro was made, when it was sold, the warranty and more. 

If the earbuds are fake then the tool will not be able to bring up any information about the AirPods Pro, thereby clarifying your doubt.

Best Fake Airpods and its Alternatives 2022

cheap airpod replica

Airpods 3 Clones / Air60 TWS 3rd Generation

Airpods 3 clones

The latest in the mix of Airpod clones in the Airpod 3 clones! It’s finally here!

Aliexpress sellers having been pushing the Airpod 3 Clones for a long time, but this is the first time, these clones are legitimate and are like the real one. These are true to specifications!

It has all the traditional features such as the pop-up feature and the in-ear smart sensor. It can be charged wirelessly and has the real battery level indication.

It has a battery life of about 4 hours, which is quite decent. Works on Bluetooth 5.0 and has noise cancellation. What else does it have?

This clone does have the Spatial Audio feature of the Airpods 3. It does work on the H1 chip.

In the image above you can see the differences between the Airpods 2 clone, Airpods Pro clone and the Airpods 3 clone. Although the sticker shows a larger sensor, the actual sensor size is same as the Airpods Pro.

The casing for the Air60 3rd generation are smaller than the Airpod Pro casing which is how its expected to be. It charges using the USB-C. The noise cancellation and transparency mode do not work. The spatial audio mode changes a little bit.

The audio is pretty good, bass is good, the highs are amazing and the volume is good.

Check it out here

How to identify Fake Airpods | Latest Airpods Pro Clones!

Airpods Pro Super Clone 1:1 Exact Replica

The Airpods Pro released and so have the Airpod Pro Clones. 95% similar to the real airpod pro.

Only thing it lacks is the noise cancellation. Till date, we have not seen any Chinese manufacturer coming out with a noise cancellation feature. If there are, we are pretty sure they are the fake of the fakes. Lol!

The Airpod Pro Clones are in super high demand and they have the following features.

  • Better fit than the Airpod Clones
  • In-ear sensor for controlling the music
  • Auto-detect feature
  • Brilliant Bass
  • Battery life of 4 hours
  • Exact size
  • Real battery window
  • Subtle Noise Cancellation (Much Better than the Airpods)

We believe that the first few versions of the Airpods Pro Clone are not be good at Noise Cancellation, but their fit makes it better at noise cancellation than the older version of Airpods. The future updates of Airpods Pro clone will have noise cancellation. Stay tuned!

Choose Gen 3 (Rename + GPS). This model is made of 1536u chip – best chipset in the market right now. We have 2 legit sellers below. One is from DHGate and one from Aliexpress. On DHGate they call it Gen 3 while on Aliexpress they call it i200000 Pro. Both have GPS and Rename features and both are made of Airoha 1536u chips.

cheap airpod alternatives
Actual product review
 2022 Airpods Clones Update

Price - $23.90 * (DHGATE Seller is PERFECT for Bulk Orders that is cheaper for larger quantities)
*Promo codes of DHGate available on our chatbot

 Check Out The Airpods 3rd Generation 
1536u Chipset- $56.99 (Aliexpress seller for single units and small quantities )
 With GPS (Find my Airpods Functionality) & Rename your Airpods 

Wholesale Order : Click here

Super Copy Airpods 1:1 with Wireless Charging (Fake Airpods 2)

Believe or not, this is 98% similar to the real airpod with wireless charging. It is being about a year since the launch of this product from Apple. These fake airpods factories can replicate as good as 1 is to 1 now!

A great looking product with amazing features is what you get when you buy this product. All of this for a very affordable pricing. This is the exact replica. After coming out with so many different versions of i7-i12 TWS. Here they manage to make the true blue 1:1 replica. The charging box not only has a great look to it but also works as a shield to protect against dust mites when not in use.

super copy airpods 1:1
airpod replica best cheap alternative

Price: $39.99For Bulk Orders and Wholesale (DHGATE Seller, $2 off promo codes on our chatbot)

Price: $39.99 (Aliexpress Seller for Single units)

Being light weight just like the Apple Airpods, you can forget that you are actually wearing earbuds. They are also quite compatible with android devices and pairing is a brisk. It is Bluetooth 5.0! It has great frequency range and noise cancellation is simply superb. The features that come with this earphone are the same as the real airpods.

i12 TWS / i13 TWS with Wireless Charging

All supercopy airpods do come with logos.

This supercopy is one of the most popular TWS earbuds when replicas were first released. These are by far the best selling Airpod replicas of all times

So why are they still popular? They are cheap and have been upgraded with the latest features.

The latest i12 TWS is available in some cool colours like Pink, Blue, Green, Grey etc. It costs $4. Here are its features

  • Runs on the latest Bluetooth 5.0
  • Each earbud has a 35 mAh capacity and the charging box has a capacity of 300 mAh
  • It has touch sensor to control calls and the music
  • Voice activated Siri & Google Assistant
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Check it out here – $22

The latest version is the Airpods 2 Supercopy. This is the exact replica of the Airpods 2 and it comes with a host of features such as

  • W1 Pop-up Chip
  • Charging box with 5 hour battery life
  • Exact replica size
  • Touch control
  • Left and Right earbuds can be used independently
  • Super-bass
  • Auto power on/off
  • Binaural Calls
  • Siri Control
  • Hands-free calls

The True Original >>> Check it out here.

Price: $39.99 For Bulk Orders and Wholesale (DHGATE Seller, $2 off promo codes on our chatbot)

Price: $39.99 (Aliexpress Seller for single units)

Check the Chatbot for the latest discounts. They are updated regularly and our chatbot will offer you the latest discounts! 

SuperCopy 1:1 Version 2 (Wireless charging with HI 1536u Chip)

AP2 With GPS Rename

1. Use the left earphone and right earphone, without disconnecting or cutting off the sound of the headphones

2 wireless charging

3 Touch Control

4. Improved bass / audio quality

5 Super bass

6. Auto power on

7. Auto power off

8 Binaural calls

9. Previous song, next song

10 Music Time 3.5-4 hours

11 Siri voice control note: before waking the Siri voice, you must open “listen Hi Siri” in the settings

12. Real battery pairing

13. In-ear detection, take out the music of the headset, pause, put the music into the headphones and continue playing

14. change the headset name in the settings

15. GPS tracking

Price: $18.99 For Bulk Orders and Wholesale (DHGATE Seller, $2 off promo codes on our chatbot)

Price: $39.99 (Aliexpress Seller for Single Units)

Check the Chatbot for the latest discounts. They are updated regularly and our chatbot will offer you the latest discounts! 

#3 – Preferred Cheap TWS Apple Airpods Replica

This is a highly affordable Airpod replica that delivers clarity in audio quality. It has the appearance of Apple Airpod and of course comes in white. This earphone can easily be paired with any Apple or android device. On the earphone a microphone is also present.

i12 TWS Airpods Replica

Price: $4.87

It comes in white wireless charging case. There are a number of TWS models that you can choose from. Mainly i9s, i10, i11 and this the newest i12 TWS. There are power buttons on the device itself for easy control when on the move. The latest version of TWS with the same size, same siri call, same sync, same touch and feel as the real Apple Airpods.

i12 TWS Earbuds

The price is slightly lesser than the Super copy above. Great alternative to Apple airpods this 2022.

Click HERE to purchase

i900000 Pro TWS

The i900000 TWS Pro is the latest fake Airpods that has been introduced in 2022. It comes in various names such as AP3 or i90000 TWS Pro Max. These are Airpod Pro replicas.

These are the best selling Airpod replicas on Aliexpress at this point. Although there are only Airpod Pros 3rd Generation, the AP4 clones have been released. It has the following features

  • GPS + Rename
  • True Replica with 1:1 Size of the Airpods Pro 3rd Generation
  • Does not have blinking lights
  • Works with iOS & Android
  • Has pop-up window feature and auto connect feature for iOS devices
  • Has the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip
  • In-Ear Detection Sensor ensures that the music pauses when you take it out of the ear and plays when it’s placed back
  • Uses the 1536U Airpods Pro Chip
  • Voice activated Siri or Google Assistant

Best Airpod Alternatives for Android

Although the above work well with Android devices, these are some dedicated Airpod alternative options for Android phones.

#4 – QCY Wireless Earbuds

best chinese wireless earbud

Price: $18.38

The best thing about this great looking product is that it is water-proof! You can either get a black version at amazing design. It is extremely convenient to pair this device with most android devices.

The battery life is awesome at 20 hours on standby but could have been better but this lack is made up of efficient and fast charging. This is by far one of the best with stereo sound effects. This model is one of the top-selling wireless earbuds on Aliexpress this 2022.

Click HERE to purchase

#5 – TaoTronics Sound Liberty 53

taotronics soundliberty 53 airpods alternative

The TaoTronics Sound Liberty 53 is an alternative to the Airpods Pro. They are a $30 Airpod Alternative and look like a replica of the Airpods. They are overall, one of the best Airpod alternatives in 2022.

So what’s it got? An amazing battery life of around 5 hours on just the earbuds and with the charging box, you get a listening time of close to 50 hours, which is pretty amazing.

Why it’s called a Fake Airpod because of its design, eerily similar to the Airpods. It has touch sensor to control the music, pause, play and also to activate Siri or Google Assistant.

It’s available in White & a rich matte black which looks quite exquisite. The highlights are the quality of the audio and the impeccable battery life.

One major downside is the overtly sensitive touch control. Which can be a problem for some users.

Check it out here

#6 Haylou GT6

cheap airpods alternatives

The GT6 is a pair of replica AirPods that delivers impressive bass and vocals. They’re well designed earbuds that come with a portable and lightweight charging case that has the ability to provide the earbuds with up to 15 hours play time without having to charge the case itself. 

Considering these earbuds are priced at under $25, they offer some of the best sounding audio even when compared to models like the SoundPeats Air3 and TrueAir2+. The only issue however is that these earbuds don’t fit too well and you will have to find a pair that offers a decent fit.

best alternatives to airpods

In terms of additional features, these buds offer low-latency connectivity and are built to reduce external noise when you’re handling calls or attending an online meeting. 

The one thing we truly loved about these earbuds is the built-in battery life for each bud, they can last up to 6 hours on a single charge making them one of the most high performance cheap AirPods alternatives in the market.


  • These earbuds sound better than the Air3 and TrueAir2+
  • They are equipped with a larger capacity battery
  • Has built-in noise reduction for calls and video calls
  • Deep bass and clear vocals that do not sound too harsh


  • Fit might be an issue for some

Check it out on Amazon

#7 – Xiaomi Airdots


xiaomi airdots

Price: $22.99

So we have here the Xiaomi Air Dots. Now if you don’t know who Xiaomi are, they are one of the fastest growing tech companies on the planet.  They do smartphones, they do luxury watches, smartwatches, they do tablets, TVs and even dustbins.

Today we’ll talk about the Xiaomi Air Dots.

First of all, they have no shame in blatantly copying Apple and they are pretty good at them as well. The Airdots come with alternate earbuds for people with varying earbud sizes. They also ship a micro USB charger with it.

These wireless earphones are Bluetooth 5.0 enabled which is the fastest out there. Coming to the design of it, I think the Xiaomi Airdots are way better looking than the Airpods. These actually look like they are from a futuristic tech movie.

They are also smaller, which means they are also easier to lose. The box itself is pretty petite, but it’s a much better box than the Airpods as there is a magnet attached to the case and when you bring in the earbuds close to the groove, you can feel the slight tug of the magnets.

Pairing is pretty straightforward. You have to remove the earbuds out of the case and it starts blinking and then you go to your smartphone and sync the earbuds to your phone. These can be independently paired, but the main one is the Right earbud for pairing. If your Airdots, don’t pair, there is no need to worry, you can do a hard reset on the devices.

Coming to the sound, the Xiaomi Airdot’ sound is pretty good and the bass is also of respectable quality. But if you are looking for an incredible base, then you wouldn’t get it here.

The touch features are pretty incredible on the Airdots. There are on touch and long touch for various functions like play, pause, attend calls, reject calls and so on.

For the price, this is an amazing pair of earbuds.

Click HERE to Purchase

Check it out here

#8 – Xiaomi Airdots Pro


xiaomi airdots pro

Price: $66

The Xiaomi Airdots Pro is a whole new upgrade on the Xiaomi Airdots. In fact, it’s such an upgrade, they don’t even look the same. Considering the Airdots Pro is supposed be better than the the Xiaomi Airdots, let’s see in what aspects it beats its predecessor.

The Airdots Pro first of all look closer to the Airpods than the the Airdots. This is a direct competitor to the Airpods in terms of looks and specs.

It comes in a white charging box, which is pretty thick and to be honest, it’s quite bulky. The earphones itself are a tad bigger than the Airpods in terms of height. Even the earbuds aspect of it is different. These are in-ear earphones, whereas the Airpods are slight to the outside of your ear.

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Coming to the quality of the finish, these are much more snug in your ear and also drown out the ambient noise better than the Airpods because they are in-ear earphones. The earphones also have adaptive pairing, which means they are independent of each other.

The sound quality is a big surprise on the Airdots pro and I say that as a positive thing because in-ear earphones are way better than any other type of earphones because you can pick up all the finer details of sound and of course the bass itself is fantastic.

One of the most top features of the Airdots Pro is the Waterproof feature. It has a rating of IPX4. This doesn’t mean you can dunk it in water and give your Airpods Pro a bath, but it is splash proof. Which means you can spray it in water and you won’t be destroying it.

You can also use the alternative earbuds provided with the box to make sure the fit is perfect for you. Overall this is a top quality earphone that beats the Airdots by a margin and also is same as the Apple Airpods.

Click HERE to Purchase

#9 – SoundPeats Air3

best fake airpods alternatives

The SoundPeats Air3 is one of the best cheap AirPods alternatives that you can buy for under $50 on Amazon. It’s designed to resemble the AirPods and offers the same level of comfort and sound quality at a fraction of the price. 

We loved just how simple these earpods look, with a sleek black finish and the fact that they sit snug in your ears, making them one of our favorite AirPods look alike in the market.

best earbuds instead of airpods

You will be amazed at how solid they feel in your hands. The case has a built-in magnetic charging mechanism that lets you use the earbuds for longer than the stipulated 4.5 hours and one of the things that stood out for us is that these replica AirPods have a built-in touch sensor that you can use to access and control your music or calls.

The one thing you will notice when listening to music with these earbuds is that they’re designed to deliver high quality sound and will not leave out mids, highs, vocals or even the thumpy bass that you’re after. If you’re in the market for a high-quality set of AirPods replicas for cheap, then you should definitely consider buying a pair of the SoundPeats Air3.


  • The SoundPeats Air3 sounds great delivers clear audio with no loss of clarity at high volumes
  • They’re budget friendly and are one of the best cheap AirPods alternatives
  • Large capacity battery delivering 4.5 hours of playback
  • Wireless charging case with a USB-C port and quick charge capabilities
  • Built-in game mode


  • N/A

Check them out on Amazon


#10 – Bluedio Earbuds


bluedio wireless earbuds

Price: $28.99

A lot of you might have not heard of Bluedio. Bluedio is a China-based electronics brand that specializes in various types of electronics. Their new wireless earbuds are called the T-elf. Uniquely named and also a unique design.

One of the TOP BRAND on Aliexpress!

This product has Bluetooth 5.0, which is the best in the business. It comes in various interesting colour combinations and in terms of looks, they look similar to the Xiaomi Airdots.

One of the striking features of the Bluedio T-elf is the battery life. It supposedly has a battery life of 7 hours on a single charge and under 40 hours with the battery case.

Packed inside the box is an extra pair of foam tips. These are for people who want a better fit. Foam tips are expensive and considering the price of these earbuds, it’s a steal.

The charging box itself is quite big, but it is strong and sturdy and quite portable. The box itself performs the function of turning on and off the earbuds. When the lid of the box is closed, the earbuds automatically turn off and vice versa.

The earbuds themselves aren’t too striking looking and honestly, we’ve seen better. They also don’t have a touch sensor, but a physical button for all the functions. This explains the price.

Due to the nature of the earbuds, the sound is pretty crystal clear. These are more in-ear earbuds as opposed to on-ear earbuds. The bass is also perfect ensuring that you get the best sound experience.

These are Bluedio’s first attempt at creating earbuds and obviously, there are some kinks. But for their first attempt and the price, these earbuds are a huge steal. They are in no way inferior to any of the products out there.

If you want an extra pair of earbuds lying around, this is absolutely worth it.

Click HERE to Purchase

#11 – KZ ZSN Hifi Earbuds

Price: $17.13

Last but not least are some super unique earbuds that I’ve never seen the likes of before. The first thing that you notice about the KZ ZSN Hifi Earbud is the design. It’s a beautiful metal designed earbuds with a see-through finish. There is a bit of plastic, and there is a bit of metal and the see-through look makes this one of the best earbuds out there.

The second important aspect of these earbuds is the fact that you can remove the cable as and when necessary.

The cable has all the important functions such as controlling the music, attending the calls, skipping the music.

It comes in various interesting colours such as Silver Purple, Cyan and Black.

The cables themselves have anti-tangle features and has excellent sound quality. These are well designed for working out because the earbuds themselves are super snug and the cables go around your ear to keep it intact in case, somebody yanks off the cable.

The sound quality on the KZ ZSN is pretty good and makes this super worthy.

Overall, this is a super unique earbud with removable cables. It has a design to die for and it has  one of the best prices in the market.

Click HERE to purchase

#12 – OnePlus Buds

One Plus Buds have been the talk of the town after One Plus released them earlier this year. They are super cheap budget alternatives to the Apple Airpods and boy do they look good!

Priced around $85, it’s cheaper than a lot of the options out there. They work with Android & iOS devices and have a unique matte finish that is super catchy.

It’s available in Blue, Gray & White. So what makes the One Plus Buds special?

Firstly it works with USB-C which makes it easy to charge your phone and your earbuds with ease if you are using an Android device.

Each earbud has a 40 mAh capacity that gives you 30 hours of battery life. It’s water & sweat proof. One Plus ships 3 eartips of varying sizes that will help fit ear of all sizes. These are one of the most popular TWS Earbuds now a days. It has the following functions

  • Touch sensor to control music and calls. Single touch, long press and double touch to Accept, Reject calls
  • Auto-detect sensor. It pauses and plays automatically when the buds are removed and placed back in the ear
  • The Quickpair feature lets you auto-pair once it has been paired initially
  • There’s low latency for gamers.
  • 10 minutes of charging can give you 10 hours of music playback

Check it out here

Best Airpods Alternatives on Amazon

If you are looking for the best Apple Airpods Alternatives on Amazon, then check out this exclusive collection below!

SoundPeats TrueAir2+

best fake airpods

Though the TrueAir+2+ is the predecessor of the Air3, it’s still one of the most affordable and performance driven replica AirPods in the market. These feel sturdy and come with a uniquely designed charging case. 

The stems of the earbuds are slightly longer than the Air3 and because of this, these earbuds can reduce external sounds and deliver clear sounding vocals when you’re handling calls.

best airpods alternatives

We found the battery performance to be on par with the Air3, however the sound quality was a tad better while testing these AirPods alternatives with different genres of music like electronic, hip-hop and trance. 

Let’s just say that if you fashion deep bass and love to groove to the beats, then these earbuds are definitely meant for you.


  • You are able to charge the case either via a USB-C or by using a wireless charger
  • They come with noise reduction technology
  • Decent battery life with wireless charging capabilities for the charging cases
  • Budget friendly at under $50
  • Well balanced sounding audio


  • Slightly larger than the new Air3

Check it out on Amazon

EarFun Air Pro

cheap airpods

The EarFun Air Pro is a mid-range set of wireless earbuds that offer hybrid ANC and comes equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 for seamless connectivity. These cheap AirPods alternatives are priced at under $80 and are probably the only pair of TWS on this list to come equipped with a high-resolution decoder and AAC/SBC audio coding.

what is better than airpods

While using these earbuds you will notice that they fit snug thanks to the silicone tips provided. They are also compact in size and lightweight so you feel comfortable and can wear them for prolonged periods of time.

The ANC helps cut out up to 80% background noise and will boost your voice up to 3 times so the person on the other side of the call can hear you clearly regardless of where you are. Another thing to note is that the charging case offers up to 32 hours playback while a single charge will deliver 9 hours without ANC activated.

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All in all these earbuds are some of the most effective when it comes to functionality, noise cancellation and even sound delivery. If you are willing to shell out a bit more than the other’s on this list, these are the ones to go for.


  • Equipped with ANC and an AAC/SBC coder
  • A single charge will provide you with up to 9 hours of playback and the charging case lets you use the earbuds for up to 32 hours
  • They are designed to sit comfortably and snug in your ears with no possibility of them falling out


  • Could have been priced around $50 
  • Earbuds are a bit too small

Check it out on Amazon

What to expect from the best cheap AirPods alternatives?

  • A rough 4-6 hours of play time from a single charge
  • They connect right out of the box, so less time spent pairing the device
  • Are designed to fit snug for most ear sizes
  • Budget friendly pricing and great sounding audio

Anker SoundCore

airpods wireless earbuds amazon

Click here to check it out on Amazon

Cheap Alternatives to Apple Aipods

These imitations works just as fine as the Airpod and comes at a much affordable price. These airpods may not exactly look like airpods as they may come in bigger sizes but they all function quite efficiently when it comes to delivering great audio experience.

Enjoy a tangle free music experience without drilling holes in your pocket. Apple airpod is extravagantly priced, these alternatives priced reasonably delivers their function quite well.

How much can you save by buying an alternative to an Apple Airpod? 

Actual Airpods will set you back by $150. With an alternative, you can easily save $110 with ease! Even the earphones are pretty expensive, which costs $30 and $50 for a charging case. You can get an alternative earphone for a few dollars and $15 for a charging box. You can easily save hundreds of dollars by just buying one of the options listed above.

Things to look out for when buying an alternative to an Airpod 

If you want an exact Airpod experience, then these are the features you need to look for.

  • A popup interface. When you buy any of the TWS earphones, you get a pop-up interface, which is basically a screen that opens up on your iPhone that helps you connect with the earphones easily and you can also see the battery level
  • A charging box with a magnetic base on the bottom. This ensures that your earphones are charging correctly when they are inside the box 
  • A charging light. When you are working with an Android device you can lookout for a charging notification light on the charging box
  • A USB-C cable. Most of these Airpod alternatives ship with a USB-C cable 


Are Fake Airpods any good?

The only thing Fake about the Fake Airpods is, they aren’t made by Apple. But everything else is 100% real and functioning. I’ve personally used these Fake Airpods for over 2 to 3 years and they are absolutely fantastic.

At a quarter the price, I can easily buy two or three of these Airpods and keep them around my office or home. To summarize, Fake Airpods are absolutely great, if not better than the originals!

How can you tell Fake Airpods?

It’s difficult to differentiate between the real ones and the fake ones unless there are some obvious differences like the lighting notifications or an emboss or the design of the box itself. The average person cannot differentiate between the real ones and fake ones if it’s a super copy.

Are cheap Airpods any good?

Cheap Airpods are pretty good in my opinion. Why? The sound quality is the same, the battery life is almost the same, the design is the same, the functions are the same. It’s the exact same thing at a fraction of the cost. What about the fit? The fit is also absolutely fantastic and fits snugly in your ear. Cheap Airpods are really good!

Are i12TWS same size as Airpods?

In comparison to the Apple Airpods, the i12 TWS is the exact same size. The dimensions, size and the shape of the earphones are the exact same size as the Apple Airpods.

Difference between Fake and Real Airpods 

If you are wondering what is the difference between the best copy airpods and the real airpods. Then here are the major differences. Even the cheapest Airpods can replicate the look of the actual Airpods, but in terms of the three factors below, the real Airpods wins. 

Battery Life 

The battery life on the real Airpods is unmatched. It’s definitely better than any TWS Airpods models. The battery life is better by more than a hour and a half and when compared with a few other models, by more than two hours. 

Sound Quality 

The bass, the highs, the lows, the sharpness, the beats. All of this sounds better on the real Airpods. I wouldn’t say they sound exceptionally better, but they are better. Even the best Airpod copies will not be able to replicate the sound quality of the Apple Airpods. 

Form Factor

Thirdly, the form factor. Apple outspends the local Airpods manufacturers by more than 4X, surely that has some benefits. The form factor of the actual Airpods are better than any iTWS devices. In terms of the sturdiness and the pop-up box, the real Airpods will be better than any Airpod copies. 

Do Fake Airpods Show up on Find my iPhone?

Most TWS Airpods Models did not have this feature. But in recent years and the change in the chipset has led them to have this feature. You can test it out with the i100000 TWS or the i9000 TWS or any of the best earpod clones. 

What is GPS + Rename on Fake Airpods? 

Most sellers use some weird coded language like this which most people can’t understand. Let me make this clear what this means. The GPS functionality in an Airpod copy refers to the ‘Find my Airpod’ feature, you can track your lost Fake Airpods with the help of this feature.

The Rename feature refers to the option to change your name of the Airpods. This option is available in the Bluetooth preferences section. You can change it to whatever you want and this will show-up in the pop-up box. 

How much does it cost to replace your Airpods? 

Airpods are expensive to replace. It’ll cost you at least $59 to replace one earbuds of your original Airpods. The cheapest Airpods or even low price Airpods cannot be compared to the fake Airpods, which are way cheaper. 

A single airpod to replace will cost you more than an entire set of the fake Airpods. 

Are Fake Airpods Good? 

Fake Airpods in the market are excellent. They are truly the perfect copies of the Airpods.

The best fake Airpods pro in the market still needs some tweaking. Although the cover the years completely and cut out the ambient noise, it still isn’t completely noise cancellation. But in terms of the design, the look, feel and the stability, Fake Airpods Pro are good. But I would still wait for at least one or two generations, before I invest in a Fake Airpods Pro. 

Fake Airpods Pro Vs Real Airpods Pro 

If we need to compare the Fake Airpods Pro to the real Airpods pro, then there are slight differences. Here’s a table with the differences

FeaturesFake Airpods ProReal Airpods Pro
Noise CancellationNoYes
Battery Life3.5 hours of continuous use4.5 hours of continuous use
ChipHi Chip Re-engineeredApple H1 Chip
True SizeYesYes

All TWS Airpods Models List

Model NameReplica of
i500 TWS Pro Apple Airpods Pro
i9000 TWS Apple Airpods Generation 2 
i100000 TWSApple Airpods Generation 2 
Airpods Supercopy 1:1Apple Airpods Generation 2 
i100 TWSApple Airpods Generation 1
i500 TWSApple Airpods Generation 1
i900000 Pro MaxApple Airpods Pro Gen 3
i200 TWSAirpods Gen 1

Best Aliexpress Airpods

It can get pretty confusing when you are trying to shop on Aliexpress and are looking for the cheapest Airpods and you find a huge list with a lot of names. Instead of going for the mode name, you can check out the best stores that sell the best low price Airpods. 

How we tested the fake airpods? 

My team and I rigorously tested 20+ fake airpods to find the best alternatives considering their relevant features, design, battery power and a lot more. We have studied and discussed the specific features of all the tested fake airpods in order to get the best results. 

Each fake airpod is different from the other based on design and features so here is a list of top features we’ve tested:

  • Design: The design speaks largely about the handiness and portability. The small structure and the wireless feature is the main design feature for the fake airpod. Our selected products are pen-fit or in-ear design that wouldn’t create any problem and provide great benefits. 
  • Price: Price played an important role in testing and selecting the top fake airpods as budgeted options with good features was always our priority. People have moved to fake airpods because of high AirPods prices. 
  • Battery Life: Wireless earpieces are used when people are travelling and doing other work which is why battery life is important. We’ve included earpieces with best battery capabilities only. 
  • Audio Quality: Clear audio quality is important to buy fake airpods alternatives. We’ve included airpods that have ANC qualities as well as clear audio quality at a budgeted price. 

Do fake airpods have fake serial numbers?

Most fake airpods don’t have serial numbers. However, there are some fake airpods that have serial numbers that are mostly stolen from the original Airpods.

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Thinking of getting the best alternatives to airpods? We review the top fake airpods and airpods pro clone this 2020. Good and cheap.

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