Where to BUY iPhone Clones? (Update : 2023 – Latest iPhone 15 Clone, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max Clone)

by Tim Blue

iPhone Clones are one of the most sought after in the clones market. The life span of an iPhone clone is very less. In the market, you can find the clones of the latest released iPhone.

Now you might have a lot of questions around whether the clones are good and how it works and so on.

To summarize, iPhone clones are exact replicas in terms of the look. Every small detailing will be the same, the colour and the size will be the same. The material used will be different. The OS is Android and the software is fundamentally different. Clone iPhones are functional phones with a doubt.

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In terms of the best place to buy an iPhone replica online.

DHgate is the best online website to purchase an iPhone replica. They have ratings, reviews and also protect you from sellers incase you are unhappy with your purchase.

Where to buy Fake iPhone for Sale?

iPhone CloneWhere to buy?
iPhone 14 CloneReleased – Check it out
iPhone 14 Plus CloneCheck it out on Dhgate
iPhone 14 ProCheck it out on DHgate
iPhone 14 Pro Max CloneCheck it out on Dhgate
iPhone 13 CloneCheck it out on Dhgate
iPhone 13 Pro CloneCheck it out on Dhgate
iPhone 13 Pro MaxCheck it out on Dhgate
iPhone 13 MiniCheck it out on Dhgate

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Prices of iPhone Clones

There are iPhone clones under $2000 and that are in the $100 range as well. A good clone is somewhere in the $100 to $200 range. Any clone above $500 is not worth the price. It’s better to go for a second hand iPhone in that case.

Are there fake iPhones on Aliexpress?

There are no fake iphones on Aliexpress as Aliexpress has become a lot more stringent with clones and replicas. Some Chinese sellers actually sell legitimate iPhones. For clones, check out Dhgate and under the keyword, Goophone.

Are Clone iPhone Shops such as Clone Shop legit?

There is no redressal system in these platforms and you are at the mercy of the seller. As they are many clone shop replicas, we can’t be sure which is the legit site.

How Good Are iPhone Clones? Where To Find Them? iPhone 13 Clone | iPhone 12 Clone | iPhone 11 Clone

Is it worth buying a Fake iPhone Clone? (Fake vs Real)

To own an iPhone is to be a part of one of the most elite groups of people on the planet. But the high status of the iPhone has led counterfeiters to rake in a profit by selling high quality copies at throw away prices.

Since the market is flooded with fake iPhones or amazing knockoffs, it pays to know the difference between the two so you don’t get scammed while buying one online or a secondhand device through an acquaintance.

No matter how well Chinese counterfeiters try, they will never be able to get the design of their copies to match the original iPhone because of trademark and copyright violations. So yeah, there are a couple of small things you can look out for to ensure that the iPhone you’re picking up is real or not.

First thing to check is the price of the iPhone. Now a real iPhone is one of the most premium handheld devices in the market and these smartphones cost anywhere from $429 – $1,000+. 

A fake iPhone on the other hand won’t cost over $100- $150 and an identical copy will be priced at $165 at the max, so anything within that price range will not be a real iPhone.

real vs fake iphone

With regards to the packaging, Chinese manufacturers are getting better at replicating iPhone boxes and now they look identical to the original. Some will even weigh the same as an original iPhone box and come with the same accessories and inclusions, so you can’t always rely on the packaging. 

However, the serial number of the iPhone and the IMEI numbers that are printed on the box should match the device.

Since the Chinese market has been developing high quality copies of the iPhone for years, they have gotten better at replicating the real device. 

fake vs real iphone difference

New fakes will have a similar build and size, but you can tell if the device is fake by closely examining the ports, slots and buttons. A fake will have a smaller SIM slot and the charging port at the base will have rough edges or the cutouts for the speakers will be uneven.

real vs fake iphone camer

There will even be significant differences in the size and placement of the camera housing at the back of the phone. A fake iPhone will have a smaller body and the model number will not be printed on the camera. 

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Another way to tell if your iPhone is fake is by checking the antenna lines on the side of the body. A real iPhone will have antenna lines that are made  from aluminum whereas a fake will be made from plastic.

fake vs real iphone differences

While this might seem far-fetched, fake iPhones tend to come with a memory card slot, whereas real Apple iPhone’s do not offer expandable memory. So if the device has a slot for a memory card then it’s definitely a fake and not the real deal.

In addition to this you can also check the device’s performance to tell if it’s fake or not. A real iPhone will run on iOS which will be fluid to the touch and quite sensitive. A fake or a good copy will run on an older version of Android with an iOS skin.

fake vs real iphone software

Some softwares on the fake will also load incorrectly and if you click on iTunes or iCloud on the fake iPhone you will be taken to Spotify or Google Drive instead. 

Another thing to check in the new replicas will be the dynamic island feature that was recently launched. Fake iPhone 14 will not have the dynamic island and instead will have a tiny notch at the top of the screen. 

how to identify a fake iphone

The best giveaway and a sure shot way to tell if your iPhone is fake or real is to check the serial number that’s attached to the device itself. By accessing the System settings and going to About Phone, you will be able to view a serial number that’s assigned to that particular device.

fake vs real iphone serial number

While authenticating a real iPhone, the serial number will pull up details about the make and model of that particular device. This will include warranty information as well as purchase details and the information that’s found on the Apple site will help authenticate the device.

how to authenticate a real iphone

If you have a fake or counterfeit device then it will also come with a serial number but the difference will be that either the serial number won’t pull up any details on the Apple site or it will pull up information pertaining to a different make and model which is a guarantee that the device is fake.

Fake iPhone 14 for Sale

iPhone 14 Clone

The iPhone 14 Clone has been out and about for many months now. But until now, the not so legitimate clones have been doing the rounds. You might have seen the weird looking notched camera holders etc. This is the unboxing of the iPhone 14 Clone.

Iphone 14 Pro Max Clone

The colors are still the old colors because obviously the clone makers didn’t get the memo about the new colors like “Deep Purple”. In terms of the looks, it’s quite close to the original, but again being a $150 clone it’s very very limited.

Fake iPhone 14

The OS is something that has improved over the years, with the Android skin getting better and better, getting close to the original.

iPhone 14 clones

Having said that, the camera is decent, the processor is decent and it’s equal to a lower end Realme smartphone. This is a good standalone phone in itself with the added bonus of looking like an iPhone.

iPhone 14 Plus Clone

Pros and Cons of the iPhone 14 Clones


  • Looks have improved and the design of the phone is astounding
  • The OS Android layer is quite amazing with the interface and colors getting better
  • The phone in itself is functional and is like a lower end Android
  • Super cheap price


  • Doesn’t fool anybody that it’s a clone when people start using it
iPhone 14 fake vs real

Review of iPhone 13 Clone

The look and feel of the iPhone 13 pro max clone is pretty much the same as the real deal. It features a stainless steel body with a 6.7’’ screen. For your reference, the iPhone 12 featured a 6.1’’ screen. 

iPhone 13 pro max clone has a refresh rate of 120 Hz which is pretty decent. A high refresh rate coupled with 6.7’’ screen and a decent screen resolution, the iPhone 13 pro max clone is a good phone for mobile gamers as well. The i13 pro max clone features a 2 GB RAM with 16GB storage. Additionally, it supports a 34 GB memory card too.

There are multiple built-in languages for you to choose from when setting up the phone. It also features a dual SIM card tray. However, the 5G is not functional, you only get 2GB and 3GB in the iPhone 13 pro max clone. 

You can buy the iPhone 13 pro max clone on DHgate for dirt cheap! There are 7 colors available on DHgate – Silver, white, gold, black, blue, orange, and pink.

Review of iPhone 12 Clone

iphone 12 clone

The iPhone 12 Clone or also called the Goophone 12, named after the company that makes the clones is OUT! It’s not the only clone in the market and that’s the tricky part. The latest iPhone 12 clones are called the iPhone 12 Pro Max Clone.

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There are many types of iPhone 12 clones that come out. But the versions releasing now are the workable ones with decent quality. The sides of the phone have decent straight edges which feel amazing in your hand.

The iPhone 12 Clone has a Quad-camera set-up, but with only one functional camera on the back. But the design shows four cameras. The lenses of the cameras are considerably smaller than the original, which is expected to change in the future updates.

It’s expected to have a 6.7-inch AMOLED display. It does have a 13-megapixel camera in the front with a functional face unlock feature. In terms of size it’s similar to the 11 Pro Max.

It’s expected to have a Mediatek processor and 128GB of storage. In the full review, I’ll mention whether it’s worth buying or not. Until now, these are the specs.

The color options are Gold, Midnight Green. Inside the box, you get a lightning to USB-A, a 5W adapter, wired earpods. At this point it’s better to buy the iPhone 11 Clones.

Check it out here

Review of iPhone 12 Pro Clone

The 12 Pro Clone is in between the 12 and the 12 Pro Max clone. The most popular clone versions for the iPhone 12 series are the iPhone 12 Clone and the iPhone 12 Pro Max Clone.

The iPhone 12 Clone is not a great clone.

Review of iPhone 12 Pro Max Clone

iphone 12 pro clone

The iPhone 12 Pro Max clone is the largest iPhone created till date. It’s got a massive display and the 12 Pro Max Clone has the same size as well at a display size of 6.7-inches.

It has storage of 16GB and a RAM of 1GB which is obviously much less than the original. Although the specifications suggest that the camera is 13-megapixels in the front and 5-megapixels in the back, the picture quality on the iPhone 12 Pro Max clone is pretty poor.

It works with multiple languages and the storage can be expended up to 32GB. It works with Bluetooth 4.0 and has a battery capacity of 2600 mAh.

In terms of the design, it’s an exact replica, similar to the original. It’s available in the blue colour as well. As replicas go, this is a pretty decent phone.

Check it out here

Review of iPhone 11 Clone

iphone clone 11
iphone 11 supercopy

Link 1 iPhone 11 Pro Max Clone

Link 2 iPhone 11 Clone

Goophone has released the new iPhone 11 Clone and the resemblance is uncanny. It’s an exact replica with the same dimensions and the three camera setup and more. From a visual appeal, this is a twin of the iPhone! You also get the iPhone Pro clone that was released a bit later, but this iPhone Pro copy is pretty amazing.

I’ve been around these phones for quite a long time, but it’s hard for me to tell the difference from a visual standpoint. 

The software has been massively upgraded over the past few years for the iPhone Clone. In the past many features such as 3D touch did not work. But the new iPhone 11 Clone has all these features and more. Here is a list of features that works and doesn’t work on the iPhone 11 Clone. 

FeaturesDoes it work?
Back touchYes
Control Center with 3D TouchYes, but not in all cases
Volume RockerYes
Live WallpapersNo
Emergency SOSNo
Face IDYes
Gesture ControlNo
Spotlight SearchYes
Tap to wakeYes (Double Touch)
iPhone 11 Case – Does it fitYes
Three CamerasYes, Only one lens works

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Phones that look like iPhones but Cheaper

Recently we have found a replica OEM brand similar to iPhones on Aliexpress. If you are not interested in buying clones, but want to check out phones that look similar to iPhones, we’ve compiled a simple list here. Please bear in mind that these phones don’t look the exact same, but have similar look and feel.

udimigi iphone clone


Umidigi is a store that makes phones that look exactly like the iPhones.


Buying Fake iPhones

Well, that is all folks. Hope you can get a model to start playing with it. If you are afraid of custom check, we advise you to go via fast shipping like DHL and Fedex shipment. The sellers will know what to do.

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Buying Used/Refurbished Original iPhones

If you do not trust the quality of the fake iphones above. Not to worry. I am sure your budget allows you to purchase a refurbished set from a reputable seller on Aliexpress. Free shipping worldwide!

iphones aliexpress seller

Check the store HERE.

iPhone Clones – What you need to know 

A lot of people have misconceptions about iPhone clones and I want to bust a few myths about iPhone Clones and if you are looking to buy an iPhone XR knockoff or an iPhone XS Max knock off, this bit of information will help you take an informed decision.

What are the basic specs of an iPhone Clone? 

iPhone Clone’s Operating System

All of the iPhone Clones are built on top of Android with an iOS theme on top. The phone’s interface looks exactly like an iPhone’s because they are built to mimic every single function. So whatever you see on an iPhone will be available on an iPhone clone. 

Android is a very stable operating system and because it’s open source, iPhone clone makers can use it to build phones of any type. 

iPhone clones do not have iOS in them. 

The Build of an iPhone Clone 

This is where the iPhone clones truly win. When I first picked up an iPhone clone, I was stunned to say the least. These are incredibly similar to the original. The colour, the form factor and everything else is the exact same. Some manufacturers do not put the actual image of their clone phone in product pages because of copyright issues. But rest assured, these are exact replicas with marginal differences that you won’t be able to pick up. 

An iPhone Clone also comes with an Apple logo at the back. So if you are keen on wanting an exact replica, then the clone should be your choice. 

Are these phones rugged and strong? 

In a nutshell, yes. They might not be as strong as the original iPhone because the clone makers choose materials that fit within their budgets. You can pick up an iPhone clone for about $150 to $200 while an original costs about $1000+. Obviously there will be a few differences in terms of quality. 

Is an iPhone 11 Clone Durable?

Android devices early on had very poor durability. I’d purchased an LG phone about 10 years back and that phone’s software gave me a lot of problems early on. Nowadays, Android manufacturers have stepped up their game and these phones last quite a long time. You can easily use an iPhone clone like you would with any other phone. These would last for 3 to 4 years before you have to change them. 

How do you update an iPhone Clone?

iPhone clones are updated like a normal Android phone. The software updates are automatically pushed like an Android device would. 

Camera Quality 

The camera quality does take a hit. If you are looking for an iPhone clone with the exact camera of an original iPhone then you are treading the wrong path. The camera of an iPhone Clone is sub par compared to the original. They are nowhere close. If you are looking for a great camera, then I suggest you skip the iPhone Clone 


Although the interface is the exact same. There are minor differences that I will mention below. 

Is iPhone clone worth buying?

It depends on what you are in the market for. If you are looking for an exact iPhone replica with the branding and the functions of an iPhone and don’t want to spend a bomb, then it’s worth it. Why? These iPhone clones like the ones mentioned above are exact replicas and they perform in the exact same way.

So in terms of functions you will get a full working phone that looks exactly like an iPhone. The cameras will not give you the same quality pictures, but they are still great. This is by no means a knock-off that will stop working in a few days. These clone iPhones are fully functioning high quality phones. 

How can you tell a fake iPhone?

It’s hard to tell a fake iPhone from a real one because the manufacturers these days are getting really good at mimicking even the smallest of aspects. If you want to find out if your iPhone is fake then follow these steps. 
– Go to Settings
– General 
– Click on About
– Come down and check the Serial Number
If the number you entered is invalid, then its probably a fake iPhone. 

 What is the difference between clone iPhone and original iPhone?

There are quite a few differences. To put it succinctly, the  quality of an original iPhone is better than a clone iPhone. Think of it as the same phone with the original iPhone having better specifications, better quality, better hardware, better cameras.

Does this mean an iPhone clone doesn’t work? No. An iPhone clone will work similar to your mid-range Android phone.

Is it safe to buy iPhone from China?

Buying an Apple iPhone from China is foolhardy because iPhone’s are more expensive in China. If you are looking for a clone iPhone, then it’s suggested to get from China. 

Want to get your hands on the most original Airpod 2 Clone?

  • W1 Pop-up chip
  • 5 hour battery life
  • Works with iOS and Android devices
  • Bianural Sound
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Mic for hands free talking
  • Super-bass sound

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