Shein Order Issues | How to Find Out Where Your Order Is?

by Tim Blue

The first thing to know about shopping from Shein is that not everything is as awesome as it seems and while they do try their best at delivering high quality products, there are chances that you might face difficulties with your purchase or shipment.

One of the most common issues raised by users around the world is related to tracking their orders on the website and how to find details about where their orders are.

This article is going to talk about the most common Shein order issues and how to find out where your order is. We’ll take a look at order delays, missing orders, orders held at customs and even share some quick tips on how to find your Shein order regardless of where it may be stuck.

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Shein Order Issues – How to Find Out Where Your Order Is?

Are Shein Delaying Orders Now?

Shein purposely DO NOT delay orders. Order delays happen because of multiple reasons. That is waiting for containers to get full and then only the shipment is sent. It’s the same via Air or Sea. Shein like businesses as they send items in bulk they have tie-ups with large logistics firms. These firms expect their trucks or Air Cargo to be filled to the brim. This is called Full Truck Load. And if it’s not fully loaded, then they push it for the next day.

Another reason why delays may happen is because there are multiple pit stops which delay the transit time as there are multiple hubs where items are checked.

Why did Shein Split My Order?

Shein Splits orders sometimes and they do it for one reason and that is to ensure that they ship the item that is already ready and send another shipment for the other item which might not be ready yet. Another reason they do this is to ensure there are lesser cancellations of the entire orders. If the whole order is delayed, people might cancel the entire shipment.

Check the Shipping Method you Selected

The easiest way you can track your order and its current whereabouts is by accessing your order details on the website via your profile and click on track now. Shein orders generally are sent out via one of three shipping methods you would have selected upon placing your order. It’s good to know that each shipping mode has its own delivery time frame.

  • Economy : Shipping takes roughly 30 days and tracking is available in the US, whereas some countries will not have Economy tracking.
  • Standard : Standard shipping takes around 20 days to reach your destination and tracking is available within the Shein app and the website.
  • Pickup Point : If you select Pickup point as your shipping mode then it takes around 20 days for the order to arrive. This service is not available in all countries.

All Shein orders come with a tracking number (US buyers) and if there’s any delay, you can use the tracking number to locate your order. 

How to Locate your Shein tracking ID

Locating your tracking ID is easy, all you’d have to do is login to your registered Shein account and navigate to the order to pull up the tracking ID.  The detailed steps are as follows:

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shein how to track my order
  • Login to your registered Shein account
  • Click on the My Profile icon
  • Go to My Orders
  • Click on Track under the Action Column next to your order

A pop-up will appear and you will find the tracking ID along with a direct link to the carrier’s tracking page. You will have to open the tracking page on a new tab and then copy and paste the ID onto the tracking page.

Why is My Shein Order Taking Long to Get Delivered?

Due to the Covid pandemic, Shein has extended its processing time and delivery time on their orders. Since there are trade restrictions, reduced flights and government restricted movement in different places. 

Shein now takes on average, 3 days to process your order and a total delivery time of 8-14 days. They are trying to have this brought down to pre-covid timeframes, but there’s only so much they can do as a brand.

There are many other reasons why your Shein order would be delayed and this can range from an issue with the shipping carrier or there’s a high shipping volume due to seasonal shifts. Sometimes orders can get stuck at customs which can cause a delay in receiving it.

Shein order stuck in customs what to do

You can always contact the shipping carrier with your order ID or tracking ID to find out where it is or you can wait for a few more days and contact Shein customer support to see if they have received an update on the whereabouts of your order.

If you have placed our order during Christmas or New Year then expect there to be delays in receiving your shipment as there will be an influx of orders worldwide which can cause your order to get delayed.

There are a bunch of reasons why  your order can get delayed or stuck, let’s take a quick look at some of the most common reasons why your order can get delayed.

  • Your order is stuck in customs – Your order can get stuck in customs if the weight, dimensions and price mentioned on the package does not tally with the paperwork. If you’re shipping from Shin international and the package gets stuck with the sender’s customs department, then Shein will resolve the issue from their end. Whereas, if the package is stuck in your local customs office, then you will have to reach out to them and get the problem rectified.
  • Your order is stuck at the sorting office or is still in transit – Packages that are sent out in either peak season or during a time where there is a pandemic or strike then it can take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month to clear and continue on its journey. There’s practically nothing that can be done in this scenario and you’d only have to wait.
  • The order is stuck near your location – If the tracking information shows that your order is stuck in your local courier office then it could be a sign that there’s either a backlog or their systems are not functional. What you can do in this case is to visit your local courier office and see if they can hand the package to you over the counter by handing over a copy of your ID.

What to Do if Your Shein Order is Lost?

There are chances that your package may get lost in transit and you won’t have access to tracking it in any way. What you can do in this situation is to get in touch with Shein and inform them about the issue by providing them with a screenshot of the parcel tracking system page.

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shein lost order what to do
  • Start by logging into your Shein account on the website and navigate to My Orders.
  • Tap on the order you’re expecting and then click on the Track button to pull up the tracking ID.
  • Key in the tracking number on the parcel tracking system and take a screenshot of the page.
  • Head to the Customer Support page on Shein and begin a chat. Request to get in touch with an agent and highlight the issue you’re facing.
  • Upload the screenshots on the chat and wait for the instructions from the Shein support team.

Generally they will try their best to pinpoint the location of your order and find out what’s the reason behind its delay. If they have third all options and there’s still no resolution, they will provide a refund in full to your account.

Why Was My Shein Order Returned?

If you do come across a notification on your order page labeled “Return to Sender request has been triggered” it normally means that the shipping company selected does not have delivery options to your location and/or the shipping address entered on the billing page was incomplete and the shipping carrier was unable to find the exact location of your address.

How to return shein order

In this case you can do one of two things:

  • You can contact Shein via their chat method and request for a refund on the order. Once the Shein representative validates the order status your refund will be processed in full.
  • The second option is that you contact Shein via the chat method and instead of requesting for a refund you can share your correct address with them and have them ship it out again, once they receive the return package.

What to Do if Your Shein Order is Sent in Two Packages?

This doesn’t happen with every order, but in the exceptional case where you buy more than one item at a time and if one of the products is available in a different warehouse, then that shipment will be sent separately. 

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There are other reasons that can cause your order to be split into two shipments.

  • The weight of your order exceeds the carrier’s restrictions. In this case your items will be split into two separate shipments and sent across to you.
  • The other cause will be if you order regular products as well as sale items and there is a delay in processing both orders together, then you will have your regular purchases shipped in one batch and the sale items shipped in the second batch.

What to Do if I’ve Entered the Wrong Address on my Shein Order?

If  you have keyed in the wrong address on your Shein order there are a few things you can do to have it changed. However, your ability to make changes to a confirmed order solely relies on where the order is at present.

how to raise a shein ticket

Let’s take a quick look at what steps you should take to correct a wrong address on your order.

  • Order is being Processed – If your order is still in the processing phase then you can easily make changes to the shipping details address on your order. Simply log in to your Shein account and reach out to the customer support team. They will take down your correct information and have the address changed on your order. Since the order is not shipped, it’s easier to make changes to your order.
  • Order has been Shipped – If the order has been shipped then the carrier will not be able to make changes to the destination address. You will have to notify Shein about the mishap so that they can put a notice on the order to have it returned to the warehouse. Once you share your correct address and the order has been returned to Shein, they will have the order shipped out to your correct address.
  • Order has been delivered to the wrong address – In the worst case scenario, if your order has been delivered to the wrong address, the only thing you can do is to approach the recipient and request to have your package. This is feasible unless the person who received your package is in another state altogether. Then you can reach out to Shein and see what can be done, you’ll mostly get a partial refund if they agree.


Well, there you have it, the most commonly faced problems with Shein orders. I hope this little guide has helped you figure out what to do if you have a missing Shein package. 

Until next time! Cheers!

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