11 Top Chinese Watch Brands on Aliexpress

by Tim Blue

Quartz has been used in watches since the ‘70s. Before quartz watches, mechanical watches ruled the roost. There was a quartz revolution in the watchmaking industry. 

And the revolution happened because they are cheaper, they are more accurate, and require less maintenance than mechanical watches.

Some of the best watches in the past have been quartz watches. Recently quartz watches have taken a different form with unique designs, styles, shapes and much more.

Quick Access to Brands on Aliexpress

Chinese Quartz watches are some of the most unique quartz watches you will find. They are super unique and cheap! 

Most importantly there are other quartz watches which are replicas of the most popular quartz watches like Casio, Seiko, G-shock and more. 

This is a complete guide on Chinese Watch Brands on Aliexpress .

We cover Aliexpress watches, DHgate quartz watches and replica quartz watches such as G-shock, Tissot, Omega and more!  Replica watch sellers have become really good at aping the original and this is why we cover a few Chinese quartz replicas too.

Best Chinese Watch brands on Aliexpress

Chinese smartwatches have been immensely popular because of their price and their quality. It’s one of the best selling products on Chinese platforms.

Dom Watch 

One of the most popular Chinese quartz watch is the Dom Watch. Dom is a Chinese watch brand that has been around since 1998. They have a good collection of mechanical watches and quartz watches.

Chinese quartz watch

This particular quartz watch is the best selling quartz watch on Aliexpress. It comes in two colour options – Silver and Gold. 

It has a 30 metre waterproof resistance and it’s made of super high quality zinc alloy with a steel strap. 

The diameter of the watch is about 4 centimeters. Now talking about the design of the dial, it has a star and moon design.

It has a 60 minute scale and a 12 hour scale displayed beautifully on the watch. It has a provision for the date as well. One of the best looking Chinese quartz watches. 

Check it out here – $21

Nibosi Quartz 

The Nibosi Watch company is another popular Chinese watch brand that make amazing quartz watches. This particular Nibosi Quartz watch is one of the classic looking watches.

best chinese quartz watch

It has a metallic strap or a gold strap option. The dial looks like your classic old-school Seiko watch.

It has a second hand dial and a date section. It comes in numerous dial colours and and multiple strap options. It has a luminous dial that glows in the dark. 

At $17 this is one of the cheapest Chinese quartz watches in the market. 

Check it out here – $16

Megalith Quartz Watch 

Although Megalith has been a watch brand only since 2016, they’ve become hugely popular over the years. They are known for their Men’s LED Quartz sports watch. This is one of those rare watches that fits in a formal and a casual setting with ease.

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top chinese quartz watch

This Megalith sport watch comes with an analog display and a digital display. It has a 45mm dial and 13mm case thickness.

It has a chronograph, stopwatch, date feature and waterproof up to 3 ATM, 30 meters. It has a beautiful leather strap and has a mineral design finish.

It costs about $18.36 and is a top Chinese quartz watch. 

Check it out here – $18

Curren Quartz Watch

If you’ve been browsing for Chinese watches, then you might have come across the Curren brand of watches. They are a Chinese watch brand that are popular for their quartz watches.

The Curren sports Quartz watch is a budget luxury watch. It costs $23 and packs quite a few features.

cheap chinese quartz watch

It has numerous colour options – Rose Gold Black, Rose Gold Blue, Silver Black and more.It has a 54mm diameter and a band length of 240mm.

There is a start/pause button, calendar option to control the dates. There is a 24 hour clock, chronograph minute, chronograph second and more.

Check it out here – $23.99

Naviforce Quartz Watch 

The Naviforce Quartz watches is one of the best metallic Chinese watches in the market. It’s got that old-school look of an Rolex and an Omega and at the same time, the price of a Chinese watch. It has an analog display and a digital display.

chinese quartz watch with good movements

It has a digital display of the date. The band is made of stainless steel and the case material is Zinc alloy. It weighs 172 grams.

For a metallic watch, it’s waterproof for up to 30 metres. It comes in different dial colour options.

Check it out here – $24.99

Forsining Moon

One of the popular Shanghai watch brands is Forsining. The Forsining moon is a top Chinese quartz watch that is known for its beautiful design.

It has three dials and the date dial and day of the week dial. It has six functioning needles and it has a professional look with a leather strap making it a top quartz watch. 

Forsining is a Chinese watch brand with numerous styles and designs. 

Check it out here – $39.99

Quartz Watch Replica

If you are looking for amazing Quartz watch replicas, then DHgate is the best bet. They have amazing replicas of top brands like Omega, G-shock and more. Some big brands do make quartz watches like Citizen, Mondaine, Tag Heuer and more. Here are two awesome quartz watch replicas!

chinese quartz watch replica

Check it out here – $75

swiss made quartz watch

Check it out here – $20

Omega Seamaster Replica 

The Omega Seamaster is a Quartz watch that costs about $2000. It’s out of budget for most people and that’s why one of the most popular quartz watch replicas is the Omega Seamaster replica.

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omega seamaster quartz watch replica

It costs $76 for the Omega Seamaster replica. It has the original inscription and the Seamaster inscription on the back of the watch.

All the dials work seamlessly and it’s one of the best watch replicas out there.

Check it out here – $76

Classic G-Shock

The classic G-shock is one of the best selling quartz watches of all time. It’s not an expensive watch, but if you don’t want to shell out $100 for the original, you can get a fake replica as a beater watch for much cheaper.

gshock quartz watch replica

The replica G-shock costs about $8 for a piece which makes this one of the cheapest watch replicas online.

It has all the buttons functioning and all the features which are perfectly functional. This product has a 5 star rating with more than 1500+ purchases.

Check it out here – $42

Casio Gshock GMWB5000

One of the most popular Casio G-shock watches of all time is the GMWB5000. This is a super iconic watch, but it costs more than $400 and it’s quite expensive.

It’s one of the popular quartz watches out there and there are numerous Chinese sellers who sell G-shock replicas.

So if you are looking for a legitimate G-shock replica, it costs $74, which is much cheaper than the original.

This is a verified seller on Dhgate with high ratings. Check out the links for the true reviews. 

Check it out here – $74

Tissot PRC 200

The Tissot PRC 200 is one of the most popular Quartz watches in the world. Although it’s a great watch, it’s quite expensive as it costs $575 for a watch. If you are looking for a replica for the Tissot PRC 200, you will find a few Chinese sellers who deal with replica watches.

tissot prc 200 quartz watch replica

The Tissot PRC 200 replica costs about $31, which is almost 1/5th the cost of the original. It’s a true replica with the same design, style and quality. 

If you are looking for a good beater replica quartz watch, the Tissot PRC 200 is a good pick. 

Check it out here – $31

MEGIR Watches 

If you’re looking to buy luxury watches with high quality, go for Megir watches on Aliexpress. The Megir store on Aliexpress is really good for watches that sell out between $20 to $100 dollars.

You’ll find many types of watches here including sports watches, formal watches, casual watches and a lot more. They’re made with the highest quality material and that’s one of the USP of Megir watches. Their feedback rating is 98.7% which justifies that they’re authentic. 

Check it out here

Pagani Design Reloj Hombre Quartz Watch

Chinese pagani watch like design

Pagani design is a Chinese watch making company and is probably one of the most popular brands to shop from if you’re looking for high quality automatic and quartz watches for cheap. These watches are made with premium components and use some of the best stainless steel and leather to give you a high-class feel.

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One of their most famous watches is the Reloj Hombre which is a quartz watch that uses the Japan Seiko VH60 movement and carries a large 40mm dial. It comes in four colors and the band is made from pure leather. 

chinese watch aliexpress

Priced at under $30, this classic timepiece goes well with formals, casuals and can be worn for any occasion. Pagani design offers discounts on bulk and large orders over 2 pieces and they even throw in free shipping which makes this a worthwhile investment.

Check it out here

How does a Chinese Quartz Watch Work?

In a watch there is a balance spring and balance wheel that act as the regulating elements. These regulatory components work together so you can tell time precisely. 

In quartz watches, there’s a crystal cut out in the shape of a tuning fork that reacts to pressure by producing electricity. When an electric current passes through quartz, it vibrates at a high rate – this mechanically causes the second hand on the watch to move. 

This process of moving the second hand happens millions of times per day, but you only perceive it once per second due to how the human brain processes stimuli like auditory or visual input.

What are the best Chinese watches?

The best chinese watches are Peacock, Seagull, Memorigin among others. But most of the best Chinese watches are mechanical. A few Chinese watch brands make quartz watches. The best Chinese quartz watches are Curren, Naviforce, Megalith amongst the replica quartz watches.

Are Quartz watches worth anything?

Quartz watches especially from big brands are worth a lot. One of the most popular quartz watch is the Omega Seamaster that costs around $2000. Quartz watches have a thriving replica market because of their popularity and their worth.

Are Chinese watch movements any good?

Chinese watch movements are really good especially when you purchase from a reputed seller. The movements of the cheap Chinese watches are as good as the big brand watches like Citizen, Seiko, Casio and others.

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Top Chinese Watch Brands on Aliexpress

Quartz has been used in watches since the ‘70s. Before quartz watches, mechanical watches ruled the roost. There was a quartz revolution in the watchmaking industry. 

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