Where to buy Designer Inspired Bags? 20 stores with the best collections!

by Tim Blue

This market is getting bigger and bigger. With the biggest brands like Gucci, Prada, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and many other companies vying for attention. 

But the thing is luxury bags are getting more expensive. Like Louis Vuitton Bags on average retail for $2000. It’s the same with the other luxury brands. 

If you are in the market for designer inspired bags, then join the queue. The world is obsessed with fake luxury bags and more. But fake is different from designer inspired, which we’ll get down to below.

We’ve covered articles relating to luxury replica bags on Dhgate and branded replicas on Aliexpress

Now if you are looking for designer inspired bags or look alike hand bags and wondering which is the right place to buy these bags, then we’ve got you covered.

Store NameKnown For
Bag IncLookalike Gucci Bags
Look alike Bottega Venneta Bags
Look alike Chanel Bags
Look alike Givenchy Bags
HandbagStore888Look alike Gucci bags
LouisBagLV Inspired bag Wholesale
Ace SellerLookalike Chanel bags
Mango89711Look Alike Givenchy bags
Designer HandbagsLook Alike Prada bags
Ladybags88Look alike Balenciaga bags
Sarah BagsLook alike Michael Kors Bags
PoncleerLook Alike Yves Saint Laurent Bags
VannoGGLook alike Dior bags
Luyo StoreLook alike Fendi bags
PB Specialty StoreLook alike Hermes bags
Left Side StoreLook alike Burberry bags
YilijaorenLook alike Armani bags
Available on Amazon
Look alike of a few brands

I’ve been in the designer inspired bags market for more than 4+ years. I know the in’s and out’s of what makes a good bag and what makes a bad one. 

So what’s a designer inspired bag?

Based on my experience, the best place to find designer inspired bags is

Dhgate is the go to destination for designer bags. They sell a wide range of bags inspired from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Givenchy, Chanel among others. They cost around $40 to $100 for a designer handbag.

Where to buy Designer Inspired Bags

All these stores do designer look alike handbags in wholesale. So if you are looking to start your own designer inspired look alike wholesale business, all the stores below can help you out.

Fake Designer Bags

Why are they different from Replicas?

A replica is a blatant rip-off of the original design with the logo and the branding of the company like Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada etc.

A Designer inspired bag on the other hand does not replicate the logo, but only replicates the design in a certain sense. It looks very similar without being a rip-off.

In my experience, knowing the right seller can reduce your searching time looking for the right designer inspired handbags.

One of the best sources for finding designer handbags are Aliexpress and DHgate. But over the past few years, Aliexpress has really clamped down on inspired bags, although, it can still be found. 

The best bet is DHgate. DHgate is a growing platform based out of China and they ship all over the world including the US, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.

They are a legitimate platform with 10+ years of existence. They do have customer service and strong refund policies in place.


One of the biggest replica bags sellers on Dhgate is Handbagstore888. They have more than 31000+ happy customers with a 98% rating.

If you check out their store, you can see Louis Vuitton Bags, Michael Kors Bags, Yves Saint Laurent Bags and Gucci bags. 

designer replica bags

One of their most popular bags is the Hermes bags and the numerous clutches. 

Check out the store


As the name suggests Louisbag deals with ALL louis vuitton products. That includes tote bags, handbags, clutches, shoulder bags.

designer inspired handbag

The Louisbag store also sells YSL handbags, which are amazing replicas. This store has a 96% rating and more than 6000+ happy customers. They have really good customer service.

Their Prada lookalikes are pretty decent as well. The only concern with this store is their shipping time, it might take a bit of time to ship. 

Check out the store

Ace Seller

The Ace Seller store on their homepage openly sell Louis Vuitton replicas. They deal mostly with Louis Vuitton and Gucci replicas. They have a 99.9% positive feedback.

louis vuitton replicas

The best way to deal with this store is to contact the seller and ask them for the pictures of the bags you are looking for. They have special links you can use to make the payment for your bags. Be rest assured, these are trusted stores.

Check out the store


The Mango89711 store is one of the most popular designer inspired handbag sellers because of their customization work. You can purchase any bag and get a custom logo embossed on it. They do patchwork and logos work on handbags, shoulder bags, clutches and more. 

They have a 98% positive feedback with over 22000+ happy customers. The store sometimes takes more than 60 days to ship out the bags.

designer replica handbags

You get the biggest designer bag brands in this store. Givenchy, Prada, Gucci, Coco Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Coach and more. 

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Check out the store

Designer Handbags

The Designer Handbags store is on its 6th year running and has 16,000+ transactions with a 98.3% positive feedback. Its easy to identify the replica bags on this store because of their impeccable design.

michael kors designer replica bags

They have Michael Kors, Gucci, Chanel and more.

Check out the store


The LadyBags888 store is another store with an amazing collection of designer inspired bags. In the product catalogue you can see they sell the replicas of top bag brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel and more.

designer inspired replica handbags

Check out the store

Sarah Bags

The Sarah Handbags store is another top designer bag seller. They are a Top Seller with a 97% rating and 5880+ happy customers. Their best selling items are replicas of Prada, Yves Saint Laurent among others.

luxury bags

They even have Balenciaga bags. 

Check out the store


The PonCleero store is an allrounder store that has bags, clutches, fanny packs, mini bags and more. They also have backpacks. They are a Top Brand with a 96.6% rating and 2000+ happy customers. 

designer backpack

They have more than 500+ luxury handbags on offer. In terms of variety, the Poncleer store wins hands down because they have totes, cross body bags, backpacks and more. 

Check out the store


The VannoGG is a relatively new seller on DHgate who deals with Designer inspired bags. They have a high rating of 99.6% and have more than 400 happy sellers.

chanel replica bags

In their product category itself you can see they sell products of brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Hermes and more.

Their Chanel bags are the most popular. The original Chanel costs about $2000 and you can get the replicas for $200. 

Check out the store

Luyo Official Store

The Luyo official store on Aliexpress is the best Louis Vuitton bag seller on Aliexpress. They have an amazing collection of handbags, leather bags, small bags, clutches and more. They have more than 5300+ followers. 

louis vuitton purse

They deal with big brands like Coco Chanel, Gucci and more. 

Check out the store

PB Specialty Store

The PB Specialty Store is a one of a kind store that deals with Designer Inspired Bags. What makes this particular store interesting for replica bag lovers is, you can get your own custom logo for any bag that you buy in the store.

They have 96.5% positive feedback and have 7800+ followers. Based on their capabilities of customization, you can get LV bags, Gucci Bags, Chanel Bags, Balenciaga bags and more. 

Check out the store

LeftSide Store 

The Leftside store is arguably the biggest handbag store on Aliexpress. They have many designer handbags and luxury handbags. They are a Top Brand with 163,000+ followers. 

designer luxury handbags

The prices of the bags start at $4 and their average is about $10. They sell tote bags, clutches, cross body bags, handbags and more.

This store is also known for their unique patterns and designs. Their best selling products include Rivet Chain small crossbody bag and leather bags.

Check out the store

YILIJAOREN Official Store

This store has a 98.1% positive rating and 17,500+ followers. The store has been around for one year and they are known for their leather tote bags.

best desinger replica luxury bag

The deal with all sorts of patterns and designs such as crocodile leather prints, hand woven bags, leather bags and luxury handbags.

Check out the store

Designer Inspired Bags from China

So why are designer inspired bags from China, the best? China has had a reputation of being able to replicate look to a T. They’ve done it with electronics and now they are doing it with designer handbags.

China also has economies of scale and they are able to produce the designer handbags for much cheaper than any other country.

All the designer inspired handbags you see on Amazon are all from Chinese sellers. Buying from there, you pay a higher price because of the extra commission that Amazon charges compared to platforms like DHgate which barely charge their sellers commission.

The customer service of DHgate is astounding and they do have a return/replacement policy and your money is safe even when you buy a designer inspired handbag.

Look Alike Bags Wholesale

Where to buy Designer Inspired Bags

If you are looking for Look alike bags or designer inspired bags for wholesale, then you need to find a good supplier. It’s not always easy, but we can make your life a bit easy.

The best designer inspired bags for wholesale can be purchased from Dhgate, which is the ultimate designation. The best designer inspired bags sellers are listed above. These are the best look alike bags wholesaler.

The best way to start off is to chat with them, ask them for a sample and get it shipped to you, check out the quality. Make sure to deal with the seller only on DHgate.


This is one of the best designer inspired bag sellers in Dhgate. It has 100% positive feedback. It’s a new store but has caught up really well in the competition of providing amazing bags. They have completed 119 transactions and have also received about 970 positive feedback comments. Their bags are amazing and of great quality. Their bags are inspired by top brands like bags from LV, Gucci, Chanel etc. Do check out this store. 

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Check it out here


If you’re looking for designer inspired bags then you should definitely go and get yours from this store. Wzweizhi has a 97% positive rate with a 9588 review score in total. It has an awesome collection of bags and they are also of great quality. 

Wzweizhi has been in business for 2 years and has received very few negative reviews. They also have offers and discounts running on their products quite often. You’ll definitely be satisfied with their products. 

Check it out


This is my absolute favourite store to buy designer inspired bags on DHgate. They have been on Dhgate for about 17 years now and have a positive feedback rate of 97.8%. Their service is commendable and you’ll definitely be satisfied with their bags as they’re so good. 

The quality and the design is top-notch and they also have good customer service. Handbagshow bags are reasonably priced and worth buying. Do check out their store on DHgate if you’re looking for designer inspired bags. 

Check it out


One of the most popular stores on DHgate to find designer inspired bags and handbags is the Maizhong. They have been around for 7 years and have received a positive feedback  of 99.2% from over 16K sales till date.

This store is your one stop destination for bags and handbags that have been designed to resemble those from Balenciaga, Prada, Louis Vuitton and even Gucci. They have a wide collection of stunning designs and each handbag has been crafted to look and feel much like the original making it hard to tell the difference.

are designer inspired bags good

If you’re looking for a great designer inspired handbag store then you should definitely check out Maizhong on DHgate.

Check out the store


Are designer inspired bags worth it

Handbagxxx is a store that has recently opened on Dhgate which sells high quality designer inspired handbags such as Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Hermes and more. Their products are made from high quality leather and are manufactured to perfection with every stitch in place.

The handbags available here are not only affordable but they come with branded packaging, so it feels like you’re getting the real deal. You will not be able to differentiate between these designer inspired bags and their original counterpart because this store truly has some of the best quality products you can find on Dhgate.

Handbagxxx has gotten a satisfaction rating of 99.6% which is pretty impressive considering this store has only been opened for the last year. But they do have some fine bags and handbags to choose from, plus they offer discounts on store bought products. So, what are you waiting for, check them out today.

Check out the store

Tiancai Handbag Store

sellers who sell designer inspired bags

If you love designer inspired handbags, then this is the place to be. Some of their top selling products include YSL, Gucci and Chanel, just to name a few. These bags are magnificent copies of the originals with no flaws whatsoever that would distinguish them from being genuine fake designer bags. 

In addition to this most important factor, Tianchi also makes sure that their customers get the best quality products and they even cover shipping costs. 

With a little over 50K followers and a positive rating of 96.9%, the Tiancai handbag store is certainly a place you need to visit and have your jaw drop in awe at their range of designer inspired handbags.

Check out the store

PangHu Store

Where to buy designer inspired bags

The PangHu Store on AliExpress is a fantastic vendor to source designer inspired handbags in bulk. They have some great looking bags and handbags for men and women that are identical to brands like Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton. 

This store has designer handbags from so many designers that you can sometimes get confused about which bag to buy and while they are not as experienced as some of the other sellers on this list, they do have a great selection of products, friendly staff and are known for the additional discounts and offers on AliExpress. 

Most of their highest selling items are designer bags from Chanel, Prada, Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton. Check them out if you truly want something affordable and made from high quality materials.

Difference between Knock off and Design inspired bags

Knock-off bags are replicas of the original and pretend to be the same as it. There are so many first copies and replicas in the market that are sold at dirt cheap prices but aren’t real ones. There are a lot of ethical issues with knock-off items and are not recommended for purchasing.

However, Design-inspired bags don’t pretend to be the same as the original ones but have a similar design or feature. They are basically copy cats of the original. For example: Dressing up as Joker for halloween where you look exactly like Joker but everyone knows you’re not the original Joker. They are also known as dupes. 

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Are Design inspired bags fake?

Design inspired bags are not fake as they don’t pretend to be the replica of the original bags. They are legal to buy and sell. Counterfeit bags are illegal due to ethical issues. 

Where can I buy authentic designer bags for less?

It’s not possible to find authentic designer bags for lesser except when the big brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Givenchy have a sale. The only option is to look for lookalike designer bags, there are bags that look similar to the original brand, but don’t have the logo in some cases. If you want something exact, then you need to look at replica bags.

Are designer inspired handbags legal?

Designer inspired handbags aren’t illegal when the logo isn’t displayed. If the logo is displayed then there is the copyright and trademark infringement of the logo.

Where can I buy Preloved designer bags?

Preloved designer bags or Pre-owned designer bags are pretty pointless because you will be buying quite a big sum for it, instead you could go for a designer inspired bag.

 Is it safe to buy fake designer bags?

Yes it is safe to buy fake designer bags, but know that you get what you pay for and the quality will not be bad but not as good as the original.

Where can I buy Louis Vuitton look alike bags?

Louis Vuitton replicas are available on online websites like AliExpress and Dhgate. Look for sellers with good reputations and reviews.

Things to consider before buying Designer Inspired Bags online 

  1. Always choose middleman platforms like Dhgate than direct platforms because the middleman always will protect your money. When you deal directly with a 3rd party website, there is nobody to contact when you want to raise a dispute. 
  1. Don’t contact the seller directly and always pay via the platform like DHgate or Aliexpress to avoid any fraud 
  1. Ask the seller for sample images before engaging and check out their response time and how communicative they are. 
  1. Sometimes a seller will give an indirect link to purchase the products and that’s normal. This is done to avoid flagging the system that they are dealing with replica products. 
  1. Although the image in the product description might not have the logo, the actual replica will have the logo as they don’t explicitly show the replica with the logo. 
  1. Discuss the shipping time with the seller before you purchase. Some sellers take 30+ days to ship out a product. 

How to find replica designer bags

  • When you are typing the name of the bag you are looking for in the search bar on AliExpress, add additional tags such as luxury or designer, for example if you are looking for a Gucci bag, type Gucci luxury bags or Gucci designer bags instead of just Gucci. If no results show up for the brand keywords, just write luxury bags or designer bags. For example, if you are looking for Burberry replicas, it’s straightforward, you get the brand products immediately. This way you can find bag brands as well.
  • When you search for a particular brand you are looking for, look through the whole list of results and you will find other brands with similar products as well.
  • Once you add something you like to your cart, look for the sellers recommendation tab, similar looking products will be listed there.
  • If you find something close to what you want but not exactly it, try adding it to your cart to look at other similar bags and see if you can get the right one.
  • Some sellers have links to external online stores of their own where they have other replica items, you may find better quality replicas sometimes, but keep in mind that this can be risky.

Lastly, take time to search for and pick out what you want to buy, don’t rush, and look through a few different sellers and their catalogues before deciding on something.

Are Etsy Designer Inspired Bags good?

Designer inspired bags on Etsy looks quite good to be honest. But they are a bit of a hit or a miss. There are multiple sellers selling just a single piece and there’s not a single trustworthy seller with a great set of products. I still have a few designer inspired bags to review from Etsy. Will update this article with my feedback!

Why buy designer inspired handbags from AliExpress or DHgate?

  • Both websites offer high quality products at wholesale prices
  • Designer inspired handbags are identical to the original and even bear all the branding and tags
  • Sellers on both websites are reliable and will make sure that you receive exactly what you order
  • A majority of the sellers on AliExpress and DHgate offer free shipping on certain products, you can take advantage of this fact and purchase from them
  • These sites have a buyer protection policy that ensures your money is safe in case there’s some issue with the product, shipment or seller

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