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by Tim Blue

Is your closet even complete if you don’t have the perfect jeans for you? It is not just the little black dress or the perfect button down white shirt that completes your wardrobe. Buying the perfect jeans can be quite overwhelming when you have too many options. You’ll either feel like you’re buying too many or not enough. 

And with Shein, and the prices it offers, it becomes even harder to resist. There must be a pair of jeans to suit your every mood — whether you want to be a boss lady, or skinny jeans that turn heads at parties, or a jovial flare for your picnic. And on Shein, you can have them all. 

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But in all honesty, Shein has had quite the reputation of sending orders to you that aren’t exactly your perfect fit, despite you ordering the right size. So, before we go hunting for the perfect jeans for you, let’s dive into some tips to use while you’re looking for jeans on Shein.

Are Shein Jeans Good Quality?

Based on the poll we ran among our peer group, it’s a bit of a hit or a miss. But when it comes to Shein jeans, it’s clear that the 100% cotton quality jeans are much better than the mixed fabric ones. They might be a tad pricier, but they are more durable.

One factor that can affect the quality of Shein jeans is the type of fabric used. Some Shein jeans are made from a blend of cotton and polyester, which can be less durable than pure cotton. However, other Shein jeans are made from 100% cotton, which can be more durable and long-lasting.

Another factor that can affect the quality of Shein jeans is the manufacturing process. Some customers have reported issues with loose threads or poor stitching on their Shein jeans. However, others have found the stitching to be strong and well-done. So if you are looking to buy Shein jeans consider two factors

  • 100% cotton made jeans
  • Check out the reviews to see if other customers have complained about poor stitching or loose threads.

If these two are clear, then you are good to.

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How long does Shein take to deliver?

For the complete Jeans buying guide, scroll down below.

How to Pick the Right Style of Shein Jeans?

Choosing the right pair of jeans depends on your body shape and size. Here are some examples of Shein jeans you can buy based on your body.

  • Boyfriend Jeans – These jeans are perfect for women with an apple shaped body or for those who are athletic and fit. These can give you an ultra-laid back look and can be paired with heels, a blazer or an overall coat.
  • Straight Leg Jeans – Women with an hourglass figure or an apple shaped body can rock straight leg jeans. These are classic styled jeans that can be paired with a t-shirt, blouse or a coat and heels.
  • Bootcut Jeans – These are old-school trendy jeans that look good on women with the hourglass figure or a pear shaped figure. These can be worn with flats, shirts, or something casual like sneakers and a t-shirt.
  • Flared Jeans – Flared  jeans are meant for women with a petite body. These jeans look good and can be worn gracefully at any time and place.
  • Skinny Jeans – Skinny jeans can be worn by women that have a petite, apple, athletic and even hourglass figures, It’s one of the most common styles of jeans available today and there are plenty of skinny jean choices on Shein.

Best Jeans from Shein

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Ripped High Rise Boyfriend Jeans – $25

First rule of Shein jeans is that it is not one size fits all. WHat can look great one one person can be a terrible fit on another. Even if the waist size is the same, you have to take height in consideration.

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In the first two photos, you’ll find that these jeans are the perfect boy-friend fit for her, but the last one not so much. This is actually a great find, since these jeans are 85% cotton. They’re comfortable and will look great with anything, as long as you strut with confidence.

High-rise Raw Hem Flare Jeans – $23

These jeans look especially great on tall women. The high waist and the boot cut on opposite ends really complement each other. These jeans are great for a trip to the Disneyland or an aimless night out. You’d be happy to know that these jeans also have slight spandex in them — yes, your tush is going to look great!

First of all, how great do these jeans look with a pink blazer? You can totally pull off colour blocking with these jeans and pair them with classic colours or totally shocking ones. In these jeans, you’ll find that the edges are untapered. The unhemmed look gives a rustic, carefree look and the flared cut on jeans is always cute!

Lace Up Front Flare Leg Jeans – $21

Flared pants for short women are so hard to find! But not this one. The smaller sizes of these jeans are perfect for women with shorter legs. One of my favourite things about these jeans is the lace-up on the waist. They look so great tightly wound up against the hip.

You can tighten it as per your comfort and choose if you want a tight or a loose fit. But believe me, with jeans like this, if your booty isn’t showing, it’s not worth it. Bonus: They have this in 3 other colours.

High Rise Stretchy Skinny Jeans – $20

Skinny jeans with stretch are hard to resist! Jeans that hug your skin around your tush, your things and your calves perfectly without causing bulges in weird places is the best kind of jeans. Thanks to its insane stretchiness, you can afford to gain that Thanksgiving weight and still look dashing. And to show you just how stretchy it is:

There is one thing though, I render pockets in skinny jeans useless. Anything you put in them just looks odd. But anyway — go pockets

 You should know that these jeans rise up really high, even above your navel. 

High Waist Colorblock Jeans – $24

One thing I found about these jeans is that they’re baggy! In fact, this might be one of the only exceptions to the general Shein rule of sizing up because they run a bit small. These pants require you to size them down. A lot of people had similar reviews about it. They found the wait to be a bit too wide for their regular size. 

These jeans have absolutely no stretch, so make sure you’re not sizing down too much. These are the kind of jeans I’d ask you to be careful about, despite how fun and quirky they look.

These jeans are available in black and blue. They have a washed finish to them, meaning they will go extremely well in your cool and casual wardrobe. The straight edge finish looks killer any time of the day. The end right above your ankles and start right at your waist. Ideally. 

Those not bestowed with good height, unfortunately, may have to refrain from buying these unless you don’t mind a few gathers by the ankles.

High Waist Split Hem Vintage Jeans – $29

These jeans are simply lovely. One has to have these jeans! These are the kind of jeans that will look good on anyone, no matter the body type — lean or curvy, tall or short. If one is too short, the jeans would simply flare out of the ankles. If one is tall enough it will look fabulous on you anyway.

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They rise just at the cusp of the waist and the hip, showing off your accentuated curves. These jeans are non-stretch so I’d suggest you check the size guide before adding it to your forever must-haves list!

Light Wash High-Waisted High Stretch Slant Pocket Jeans

Light Wash High-Waisted High Stretch Slant Pocket Jeans - best shein jeans

The light wash high-waisted high stretch slant pocket jeans offer a true to size fit and are stretchy and comfortable to wear. They are available in three shades, blue, dark wash and light wash so you can choose the shade that appeals to you. These jeans are made from a blend of polyester, cotton and spandex making it super soft and lightweight. It looks great on petite women and can be paired with white sneakers or boots.

SHEIN High Waist Destroyed Mom Jeans

best shein jeans - SHEIN High Waist Destroyed Mom Jeans

Here’s a pair of jeans that’s available in only one color, but you can get it in any size you want. The high waist destroyed jeans from Shein are one of the coolest looking pairs of mom jeans. They are ripped at the front near the knees and provide a true to size fit. Ideal for petite moms, this pair of jeans can be paired with practically anything, from t-shirts to blouses and even dress tops. It’s made from denim and contains a blend of cotton and polyester that leaves you feeling comfortable.

Zipper Fly Ripped Detail Split Thigh Wide Leg Jeans

Zipper Fly Ripped Detail Split Thigh Wide Leg Jeans - best shein jeans

If you’re not sure about whether you want to wear a skirt or a pair of jeans then why not consider a pair of jeans that has a thigh high split on the sides? Yup, this fashionable piece of clothing is actually one of the highest selling jeans on Shein and it comes in 4 colors with blue being the most popular choice amongst the lot. These jeans feature a zipper fli and the material is non-stretch, so if you have slightly larger thighs then it’s best to opt for a size bigger than your regular size.

Full Length Button Up Baggy Jeans

Full Length Button Up Baggy Jeans - 1best shein jeans

These full length button up baggy jeans can be worn anywhere and at any time making them some of the most versatile jeans on this list. You can get them in one of three colors, black, white or blue and you can pick up one that’s your regular size as they are loose fitting jeans. The full length baggy jeans are great for any petite and curvy woman, but will sit well only on those who are tall with long legs. You can pair them with a tank-top, sweatshirt, jersey, t-shirt or even a blouse for an evening around town. 

Tips to buy the perfect pair of jeans on Shein:

  • Photos with Models

As a rule, I never buy jeans, or any clothing on Shein for that matter, unless there is a model in the photo posing in the jeans. First, it gives me an idea of how the fit is going to look around the body. Second, it gives me a comparison point and helps me size up or size down according to assumptions. In fact, just above the product description and sizing chart, you’ll find the details about the models height and figure starts. With this information, you can do the math.

  • Checking Sizing Chart

For a more accurate approach, make sure to check the sizing chart on each and every pair of jeans. The sizing chart will list down the waist measurements, along with the length of the jeans and the circumference of the hip size. These can be cross referenced with the models stats that I mentioned above and you can make a fair deduction about which jeans will fit you.

  • Check the reviews

Shein’s inconsistency demands that you only buy products that have reviews on them. You can take a risk, of course, but I would strongly suggest otherwise. If someone has had an experience that caused their jeans to tear when they sat on the floor, you need to see it. Better her than you sitting on the floor and finding out for yourself.

  • Quality of Fabric

Do not have the highest expectations from Shein jeans, at least in terms of quality. Remember the Shein rule — You get what you pay for. For $20 jeans, I’m not going to let you build the expectations of something you’ll get from Levi’s of American Eagle. They’re not going to last you that long.

  • While trying new designs
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It is possible that you might be swayed to buy the countless styles there on Shein. You must also consider that not all styles may suit your body type. It is not my palace to say but the low prices on Shein have that effect on the mind.

Some generic tips:

  • Get Shipping Insurance

When you’re planning to order multiple clothes, especially different styles of jeans you’ve never tried before, it is best to add a shipping insurance worth $2.99 during check out to your cart. This allows you to return all or a few products for free without any questions. It is better to spend $3 now than waste $7 on shipping your jeans back later.

  • Promo Codes!
    Yes we know Shein is already cheap, but no harm in making sure your crt total value is even lower right? The best way to do that is by adding promo codes you’ll either find on the SHein site itself, or by a quick google search with the same words. Shein often has significant discounts running all the time on their site. If you subscribe to their newsletter, I’m pretty sure you’ll get more insights too.
  • Never buy from NEW -IN

I personally never opt for “New-In” because looking at reviews and checking how it fits others really matters to me. There might be issues with the seams, quality, look, and durability. If at all these are concerns for the particular pair you’re thinking of purchasing, you’re better off not buying them. Even though they are cheap, they’re not worth buying if you’re not gonna be able to wear them beyond one Instagram picture.

You are susceptible to a  bad experience on Shein if you don’t shop smartly. Simply looking at product descriptions and the product photos can be very deceiving.

Now that you know all this, let’s find some cool new fits, shall we?

Does Shein jeans run big or small?

Yes, sometimes Shein jeans can be slightly smaller than expected, so look at the reference charts and pick what would fit you best.   

Are Shein clothes worth it? 

Shein being a low budget fast fashion brand is not the best in terms of material quality, but it is not bad either making it a good buying option considering the prices.

Do Shein jeans fit true to size? 

No Shein jeans are sometimes smaller than the expected size, so check the size charts well and order a size up if needed.

Does Shein have good quality pants?

Yes, Shein offers a wide selection of pants to choose from and the quality is good but not the best. But definitely worth the price.

How do you know what size you are in Shein jeans? 

Measure your current waist and length sizes and also measure some of the jeans you already have and match those sizes with the Shein size reference chart.

Do clothes from Shein last?

Tougher clothes like jeans will last for years and even their dresses and tops have a good life lasting a couple of seasons at least.

Is Shein safe to buy from?

Shein has a lot of repeat customers and is definitely safe to order from. They have good customer service and easy returns.

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Shein Jeans

Is your closet even complete if you don’t have the perfect jeans for you? It is not just the little black dress or the perfect button down white shirt that completes your wardrobe. Buying the perfect jeans can be quite overwhelming when you have too many options. You’ll either feel like you’re buying too many or not enough. 

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