Where to Buy North Face Reps 2023?

by Dwain

The North Face is a brand that is synonymous with outdoor adventure sports. But sadly like other premium brands, the counterfeit market is thriving with their reps.

I came across many premium designs and styles for really low prices and while The North Face may not be as expensive as some other sporty brands, their reps cost a fraction of the original price and I was able to get my hands on a couple of really good quality replicas for well under $100.

Now unlike fakes and knock offs, these reps are made to resemble the real thing. They’re comfortable, affordable and many of them are made from high quality materials such as Down which makes them super warm.

But who sells North Face replicas and are they safe to buy?

I’ll cover all that and more so you don’t have to struggle searching for a reliable seller. I’ll list out some of the top rated stores that deal in North Face reps and even some of the most popular replicas available today.

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North Face Dupes

First and foremost, not many websites have North Face reps as most of them deal in fakes. Some sellers may even offer substandard quality products at exorbitant prices just to make a quick buck.

DHgate was the only platform where I actually ended up finding some good replicas for cheap. While it’s a little bit difficult trying to find a trustworthy seller on DHgate, there are some stores I came across that deliver some of the best North Face copies.

North Face Parkas Dupe

north face parka dupe

One of the most popular North face dupe is the parka. It’s a winter jacket with the highest quality. It has tremendous insulation properties. It’s made up of pure White Duck down cotton for that extra warmth. At $80, it’s 10% of the cost of the original which retails around $600.

Apparel 8876

where to buy north face reps

If you’re in search of the latest trends and replicas from the North Face winter collection then Apparel8876 is the store for you. 

They have been supplying high quality North Face replicas for a little over 3 years and are recognized as one of the best suppliers on DHgate with a store rating of 98%, which they’ve received mainly for their high quality products and good craftsmanship.

Apparel8876 has a wide range of sweaters, hoodies, jackets and parkas to choose from and the best part is all their products carry authentic looking tags and logos. You can get a high quality North Face rep for as low as $50 – $100 but this depends on the type of apparel you select.


where to buy north face reps

Xiazhi11 is another supplier on DHgate that deals in high quality reps of brands like Balenciaga, North Face and BAPE. 

They have loads of t-shirts, hoodies, coats and jackets available and the one thing I liked about them is that their products are sold at wholesale prices making them extremely affordable.

Based in China, Xiazhi11 has been delivering high quality reps for a little over 4 years now and their positive store rating of 98.3% goes to show just how reliable they truly are. 

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If you’re in the market for parkas or jackets and puffers, then you can pick one up from their store for under $100.


where to buy north face reps

If factory direct is your thing then there’s one supplier on DHgate that has nearly every kind of North Face jacket and park you can think of. 

Mey85421 has been specializing in high quality reps for cheap and it is here where I came across North Face replicas of the McMurdo Parka, the Denali jacket and even the Printed Down Parka.

Many of their products are on sale right now and so are some of their North Face reps, so you can actually buy one for as low as $40 through their online store. Mey85421 has a decent rating of 93.2% and they have a little over 1k sales under their belt.


where to buy north face reps

Fashion first is a store that supplies winter clothing and all prices here are wholesale, so they’re quite affordable to buy from. I’ve used Fashionfirst a couple of times to pick up my North Face reps and the quality of their clothing is to die for. 

All their clothes are supplied directly from their factory and undergo compliance checks to make sure they are of the highest quality possible. Fashoinfirst has a good reputation on DHgate and they have a store rating of 96.5% with an experience of 6 years.

Here you can get your hands on good copies of the Gatekeeper, Hybrid Eco, Belted long parka and even Summit series jackets for mountaineers for just around $70. 

They do have a set of really high quality reps that cost between $100 – $180 and these are identical copies of the original down to the last detail in place.

Top Rated North Face Replicas on DHgate

Summit Series Jacket Replica

The Summit series is the most iconic of all North Face jackets in terms of style, design and the color combination. Not many sellers can replicate this style perfectly well and they tend to miss key details such as the branding or the collar and size tags.

This rep is so good that it’s really difficult to say if it’s the real thing or a copy. The stitch work is professionally done and the zippers are of premium quality. It’s also pretty warm and the length is perfect for the size you choose. 

However, the only thing is that the material this jacket is made up of is high quality cotton whereas the original uses a blend of recycled polyester and nylon. It costs hardly $72 and there are over 7 different color options to choose from.

Replica North Face Windbreaker

Another popular and affordable find on DHgate is this waterproof windbreaker hoodie that you can get for as low as $40. It’s made from a blend of polyester and is an identical copy of the original.

The rep comes in three colors and everything from the logos to the tags and branding are all in the right places. It’s the cheapest copy of the North Face windbreaker, but don’t let the low price fool you because it’s quite warm and can be paired with anything from a pair of jeans to even shorts and tracks.

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While it’s a good copy, the one drawback is the sizing and because the manufacturer follows Chinese standards, you will need to pick a size bigger than your regular size for it to fit well. 

The North Face Mountain Down Puffer

One of the first North Face replicas I came across that uses actual Down is this Mountain puffer jacket. The design features an imprint of the snow capped mountains extending from the base of the puffer all the way up to the shoulders.

It’s a pricey one at $150, but the only reason i’m recommending it to you is because of the high quality materials used to make the jacket and the fact that the overall size and fit of the jacket is perfect.

The jacket comes with a detachable hoodie and it’s really thick, so you can rest assured that it will keep you warm even in the coldest of temperatures. Sizes range from small to double XL and there are over 15 different color combinations and designs to choose from.

North Face By Any Necessary Winter Jacket Replica

North Face recently collaborated with Supreme and launched an arsenal of jackets, coats, hoodies and sweaters. However, the steep $750 price tag is a turn off and luckily there are a couple of Chinese suppliers that have high quality replicas of these jackets in stock.

One fine example is this Wolf Fur Wyndham overcoat that’s made from a  blend of corduroy, cotton and nylon and features the words “By Any Means Necessary” printed all across the front and back of the jacket.

It’s available in two colors; black and yellow and they have sizes ranging from small to double XL that costs a mouthwatering $66 excluding shipping. The jacket can be paired with anything and looks really cool. It’s a great copy of the original and looks and feels like an authentic North Face winter jacket.

Urban Explore Replica Jacket

The urban explore jacket is quite similar to the Mountain Down jacket but it features an image of the Statue of Liberty on the front and back of it.  You can get it in yellow, black or red and each replica  jacket will cost you no more than $100.

It’s available in multiple sizes and is made from a premium thick polyester and lined with down. The jacket is really comfortable and warm and it has a detachable hoodie allowing you to use the jacket in any season.

Sold by the Mey85421 store, it’s probably one of the best replicas of this jacket available online for those on a budget and one thing that made me fall in love with this rep is its premium finish.

North Face Sleeveless Down Puffer Jacket

The cheapest high quality North Face replica I own is this sleeveless down puffer jacket. At retail it goes for over $350, but sellers on DHgate like Mey85421 and Apparel8876 have some pretty neat copies for as low as $40.

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It’s made from broadcloth polyester and uses white duck down filling that helps keep the wearer warm. The stitch work on the replica is on point and none of the lines were uneven or untidy. There are 4 pockets on the jacket and it comes with all the tags in place that make it look like the real one. 

One thing I did notice is the logo is not embroidered and rather a stamp on, but apart from that it’s a really good replica and does a good job of keeping me warm.

How to Tell If your North Face Apparel is Fake?

No matter how good a replica might seem, there are always going to be subtle differences between a real North Face jacket and a fake one. 

For example, the hang tags that come with all North Face products usually include details about the product and the image on the tag will be a clear, high definition  picture whereas a fake will have a dull and darker image on the tag with some incorrect information pertaining to the size, color or model.

Another way to tell if the North Face product is genuine or not is by examining the North Face logo that’s embroidered on it. The three curves and the font of North Face will be nearly done and each letter will be aligned perfectly unlike copies where the overall finish of the logo is all over the place and looks untidy.

The other thing to check out is the product code which is present on the small white tag that’s located on the inside of the jacket. The tag on the real one is made from a textured material and the black print will be dark and legible. A replica or a fake jacket will have a smaller and thinner tag with a blurry or faded print on it.

Finally, the best way to tell if the North Face product is fake or not is by checking for the holographic tag on the inside. A real North Face product will have a holographic sticker with cuts along the corners which is not found on a fake jacket. Also, the tag might be colorful and lack the holo feature which is a dead giveaway that the jacket is a fake.

Is it safe to buy The North Face reps?

Yes, but only if you choose the right seller and store. The thing about buying replicas is that not every manufacturer delivers high quality items and to find the right one you need to check if the seller is legitimate, reliable and has a good reputation on DHgate. 

It’s important that you check the store reviews and see what other buyers received before making your final decision. It’s the only way you can stay safe while shopping for replica North Face apparel.

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