Why Did My AliExpress Order Get Cancelled? | AliExpress Order Cancellation Statuses Explained 2023

by Dwain

Order cancellations on AliExpress can be frustrating and confusing for buyers. Various factors can lead to an order being canceled, from issues with shipping to security concerns.

This article aims to demystify the different scenarios that can lead to an order cancellation and provide an answer for why did my AliExpress order get cancelled?

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Why Does My AliExpress Order Say ‘Shipment Cancelled’?

When your AliExpress order status displays “Shipment Cancelled,” it signifies that there has been a hiccup in the shipping process. This hiccup can arise from various reasons, but it usually boils down to issues encountered while the package is in transit.

One common scenario is that the courier responsible for picking up your order in China may have failed to do so. 

This could be due to a range of factors, such as logistical challenges or scheduling conflicts. 

Another possible cause is that the shipment encountered complications while passing through Chinese customs. 

This can be particularly linked to cases where dupes or reps are involved. Chinese customs authorities are vigilant about regulating the flow of goods, and if they suspect any infringement, they may halt the shipment for further inspection.

In such situations, it’s highly recommended to promptly get in touch with the seller for clarification and a potential solution. 

If the seller is responsive and cooperative, they may provide you with a new tracking number and update it in your order details. In such cases, there’s typically no need to escalate the matter further or open a dispute.

However, if the seller does not respond or fails to provide a new tracking number, it becomes crucial to take action to protect your interests. 

how to open a dispute on aliexpress

In this case, initiating a dispute through AliExpress is advisable. This serves as a formal way to communicate with both the seller and the platform administrators, seeking a resolution. If all else fails, it can lead to a full refund being issued to you.

Why Did My AliExpress Order Get Cancelled Automatically?

Why Did My AliExpress Order Get 'Cancelled Automatically'?

When an AliExpress order gets automatically cancelled, it is typically due to a specific set of circumstances related to the platform’s policies and procedures.

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AliExpress operates under a system where there is a maximum allowable processing time for sellers to prepare and ship the ordered product. 

If this designated processing time elapses without the seller shipping out your goods, the system will automatically cancel the order. This mechanism is in place to ensure that you receive your purchases within a reasonable timeframe.

In such cases of automatic cancellation, you don’t need to take any manual action to retrieve your funds. The money you spent on the order is automatically refunded back to your account. This is part of the platform’s commitment to ensuring a fair and secure shopping experience for its users.

To proactively avoid automatic cancellations, it’s recommended to maintain open communication with the seller. If you foresee any potential delays in the shipping process, perhaps due to factors like stock availability or peak holiday seasons, it’s wise to reach out to the seller promptly. 

This way, you can discuss the situation and come to an understanding regarding the revised timeline for shipping.

In some cases, if you still want to proceed with the order but anticipate that the processing time might be a limiting factor, you can consider reordering the product. 

During the reorder process, you have the option to extend the processing time, providing the seller with the necessary leeway to fulfill the order successfully.

Why was My AliExpress Order ‘Cancelled by the Seller’?

Why was My AliExpress Order 'Cancelled by the Seller'?

When your AliExpress order is cancelled by the seller, it can be attributed to a variety of factors that affect their ability to fulfill the transaction.

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One common reason is stock unavailability. Sellers may face unexpected shortages or difficulties in sourcing the product, making it impossible for them to proceed with the order. 

Additionally, shipping constraints, which could include logistical issues or restrictions, may hinder the seller’s ability to deliver the item.

In some cases, sellers might not explicitly disclose the exact reason for the cancellation. It’s important to note that in these situations, it is typically the seller who initiates the cancellation process. As a result, the funds you spent on the order are automatically refunded back to your account.

It’s worth mentioning that while sellers do face penalties for canceling orders, they may request you to cancel the order from your end. They may do this in an attempt to avoid potential repercussions. 

However, it’s crucial to understand that you are not obligated to comply with this request, especially if you believe that you secured a favorable deal.

What Does ‘Order Closed Due to Security Reasons’ Mean?

What Does 'Order Closed Due to Security Reasons' Mean?

When an order is labeled as “closed” for security reasons, it signifies that the transaction has been terminated, usually accompanied by a notification outlining the reason for cancellation. 

This precautionary measure is implemented to safeguard the integrity of the platform and its users. 

One common scenario that triggers such closures is when a customer tries to apply a welcome coupon but designates a delivery address that has been previously associated with suspicious or fraudulent activities according to AliExpress’ risk assessment algorithms.

To resolve this issue and proceed with the purchase, the customer will need to initiate a new order without utilizing the welcome coupon. By doing so, they demonstrate a genuine intent to conduct a legitimate transaction, thereby allaying any potential concerns about the transaction’s legitimacy.

Additionally, another circumstance that may prompt the closure of an order is a payment error. In such cases, AliExpress may request additional verification of the customer’s identity. 

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This step serves to confirm the authenticity of the transaction and protect both the buyer and the platform from any potential fraudulent activities.

What are Some of the Other AliExpress Order Cancellation Reasons?

What are Some of the Other Cancellation Reasons?

In addition to security-related concerns, there are other factors that can lead to the closure of orders on AliExpress.

One such factor pertains to the reliability of the seller. In instances where a seller is identified as unreliable, AliExpress may choose to freeze or cancel an order. 

However, it’s worth noting that this occurrence has become less frequent in recent times, largely due to heightened scrutiny of seller activities and improved monitoring mechanisms put in place by the platform.

Furthermore, orders can also be closed if there are outstanding balances that have not been settled. When a customer fails to make the required payment within a specified time-frame, the platform may initiate an automatic cancellation of the order. 

However, AliExpress typically offers a grace period during which the payment can still be processed to reinstate the order. 

This grace period serves as a courtesy to allow customers a bit of extra time to rectify any payment issues before the order is permanently canceled.


Understanding the various reasons behind AliExpress order cancellations empowers buyers to take appropriate action. 

Whether it’s reaching out to sellers for explanations, initiating disputes, or making informed decisions regarding cancellations, being aware of the possibilities ensures a smoother shopping experience. 

Remember, open communication with sellers is often the first step towards resolving any issues.

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