What is AliExpress Combined Delivery and How Does It Work?

by Dwain

In the world of online shopping, convenience is key, and AliExpress has stepped up its game with the introduction of Combined Delivery. 

This feature, launched in July 2021, allows shoppers to receive orders from different sellers in one neatly packaged delivery—a game-changer for those accustomed to multiple shipments.

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What is AliExpress Combined Delivery?

What is AliExpress Combined Delivery

At its core, Combined Delivery is a service provided by AliExpress to streamline the process of receiving multiple small orders from various suppliers. 

Instead of juggling separate parcels, they are consolidated and delivered as a single package. This not only saves time but also translates into cost savings for the shopper.

How Does Combined Delivery Work?

How Does Combined Delivery Work?

Firstly, not everything on AliExpress is eligible for combined delivery

In fact only a handful of sellers have been given the opportunity to offer this service and the only criteria that needs to be met is the base amount for each product and the order on the whole. 

Moreover, the entire order needs to be paid for in full for the combined delivery benefits to kick in.

Let’s illustrate how Combined Delivery works with a practical example.

Say you purchase 5 items, each priced at two dollars, from five different sellers and you furnish your address details to all of them. 

Over the next few days, these individual packages are collected and merged into one. As a result, you receive all your items in a single shipment. 

This process is not only efficient but also leads to reduced costs.

Are there any advantages to combined delivery?

Combined delivery offers several advantages. By teaming up with Cainao, a renowned package delivery company, AliExpress significantly accelerates the shipping process, frequently halving delivery times. 

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This method also streamlines the process by consolidating products from various sellers into a single package, boosting overall delivery efficiency. Moreover, it addresses environmental concerns, as only one delivery is needed, reducing the ecological footprint linked with multiple shipments. 

Additionally, there’s a diminished risk of damage since orders are bundled together, minimizing the potential for mishaps during separate deliveries. This approach also enhances convenience for customers, as all purchases arrive in one shipment, simplifying the unpacking process.

Considerations for Combined Delivery

While this service presents numerous advantages, it’s important to note that it’s typically applicable to orders delivered by Cainao, often lower-priced products. 

AliExpress encourages orders exceeding $10 to benefit from this combined shipment option, often resulting in swifter delivery times without additional costs.

How to use Combined Delivery?

How to use Combined Delivery?

To make use of Combined Delivery, follow these simple steps. 

Start by shopping on AliExpress. As you choose your items, keep an eye out for the Combined Delivery option located above the ‘buy now’ button. 

Add all your desired products to your shopping cart. Before finalizing your purchase, double-check that the total amount meets the necessary minimum for combined shipment. 

Once you meet the eligibility criteria, proceed with placing your order. This way, you can take advantage of the benefits that come with combined delivery.

Note: While AliExpress is gradually rolling out new features, the ability to search specifically for combined delivery packages is not yet fully implemented. So some users might not have access to this option as yet.

How to Cancel a Package in a Combined Delivery Order?

To cancel and request a refund for a combined delivery order on AliExpress, follow these steps:

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It’s crucial to act promptly if you wish to cancel your order. Combined delivery orders are processed swiftly, so there’s a possibility that the items have already been shipped by the time you request cancellation.

  1. Identify the Products to Cancel: You do not need to cancel the entire combined delivery order. Instead, pinpoint the specific products you no longer wish to purchase.
  2. Contact the Seller for Modifications (if applicable): If your intention is to alter the size or color of a product rather than canceling it outright, it’s advisable to reach out to the seller as soon as possible. They might be able to assist you in modifying the order without the need for cancellation.
  3. Free Returns Limitation: It’s important to note that AliExpress permits only one free return per order. If you’ve included multiple free return products in your combined delivery, you’ll need to choose one for the return. Keep this in mind when making your decision.
  4. Initiate the Cancellation Process:
    • Log in to your AliExpress account.
    • Go to “My Orders” and locate the combined delivery order you wish to cancel.
    • Click on “View Detail” for that order.
    • Find and select the option to “Open Dispute” or “Request Refund.”
  5. Provide Detailed Information: When opening a dispute or requesting a refund, you’ll need to provide specific details regarding why you’re canceling the order. This could include reasons like incorrect items, damaged goods, or any other valid concerns.
  6. Submit Evidence (if applicable): If there are any issues with the products received, consider providing photographic evidence to support your claim.
  7. Wait for Resolution: Once you’ve submitted your dispute or refund request, the seller will review your case. Be patient, as this process may take some time.
  8. Follow Up if Necessary: If there’s no response from the seller within a reasonable period, or if you encounter any complications, consider reaching out to AliExpress customer support for assistance.
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Remember, while AliExpress does provide the option for free returns, there are limitations, and it’s important to be aware of these policies before making a decision. 

Final Thoughts on Combined Delivery

AliExpress Combined Delivery is a game-changer for shoppers seeking convenience and cost savings. 

By consolidating packages, streamlining tracking, and potentially reducing costs, it enhances the overall shopping experience. 

While currently only available for orders shipped from China, it holds promise for smoother transactions in the future.

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