Where Are American Eagle Clothes Made in 2023 – Is it China?

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American Eagle, renowned as a leading clothing brand worldwide, has carved a significant niche among the young generation, particularly among high school and university students. 

Founded in 1977 by the visionary Silverman brothers, American Eagle Outfitters has risen as a trendsetting beacon in the fashion industry. 

Catering predominantly to high school and university students, it has carved a significant niche in the global clothing market. 

But as with any global brand, there are always deeper questions to be explored. 

Where Are American Eagle Clothes Made?

Founded in 1977 by the Silverman brothers, American Eagle Outfitters produces much of its apparel in key Asian countries, notably China, India, and Vietnam, balancing quality with affordability. The brand’s jeans stand out, crafted in India from organic cotton sourced mainly from China. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, American Eagle emphasizes ethical production, blending traditional craftsmanship with innovative designs for a global audience.

Where Did American Eagle Outfitters Begin?

American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. was founded by Jerry and Mark Silverman. The brand, which later went on to capture significant market share, was initiated under a holding company named Retail Ventures, Inc.

Fast forward from its humble origins, and the brand recorded a staggering sales revenue of 4.04 billion just last year. 

This swift climb to the top isn’t just about luck. It speaks volumes about American Eagle’s commitment to quality, its innovative designs, and sharp business strategies. 

Which Countries Manufacture American Eagle Apparel?

Which Countries Manufacture American Eagle Apparel?

While many U.S. retail giants prefer domestic production, American Eagle Outfitters has taken a slightly different approach, tapping into the rich textile expertise of some key Asian countries.

The Asian Powerhouses Behind American Eagle’s Apparel:

  1. China: Often dubbed the world’s factory, China’s vast textile landscape has made it a prime destination for brands seeking both quality and affordability.
  2. India: Known for its centuries-old textile traditions and modern production capabilities, India is another major source for American Eagle’s garments.
  3. Vietnam: Over the past few decades, Vietnam has emerged as a significant player in the global textile scene, combining modern technologies with skilled labor to deliver top-tier products.
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The strategy behind this offshoring lies in these nations’ robust cotton manufacturing infrastructures. By tapping into these regions, American Eagle Outfitters ensures it gets the best of both worlds: superior quality and cost-effectiveness.

What Makes American Eagle Stand Out?

What Makes American Eagle Stand Out?

While jeans are omnipresent, American Eagle’s have a unique origin. The majority of their clothes trace back to India, a nation with a rich tapestry of textile heritage. 

As the heartland of textile craftsmanship, India’s involvement underlines the quality commitment of American Eagle.

Their clothes are meticulously crafted from 100% organic cotton, echoing the brand’s deep-rooted commitment to the environment. 

What’s more, the brand pioneers the concept of removable hardware, ensuring the clothes are recycle-ready. 

And if durability is on your checklist, here’s a tidbit: every denim item is engineered to retain its form and texture for at least 30 washes, setting a new standard in the fashion industry.

While the stitching and crafting largely happen in India, the lifeline of these jeans – the cotton – has a Chinese origin.

This seamless blend of Indian craftsmanship and Chinese resources culminates in jeans that strike a chord with global consumers.

Which Brands are Alternatives to American Eagle Jeans?

Which Brands are Alternatives to American Eagle Jeans?

If you’re on the hunt for brands that can match, or even rival, the allure of American Eagle jeans, we’ve got you covered.

Urban Outfitters stands out as a formidable contender. Beyond its trendy and diverse denim collection, this brand’s financial stride is noteworthy. 

In the recent fiscal year, Urban Outfitters went neck-to-neck with American Eagle Outfitters in terms of revenue, illuminating the fierce and exciting competition in the fashion industry.

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Meanwhile, Lucky Brand, with its rustic charm and renowned comfort, offers a denim experience that’s uniquely its own. 

For those who lean towards contemporary styles without burning a hole in their pockets, Forever 21 presents an array of choices that resonate with younger audiences. 

Not to be overlooked, ASOS, a digital-first brand, brings to the fore a blend of international designs and fits, ensuring that every denim lover finds their perfect match.

Is American Eagle an Ethical Brand?

Is American Eagle an Ethical Brand?

Yes, American Eagle Outfitters has carved out a niche for itself as an ethical brand in the competitive fashion landscape. Their commitment to responsible manufacturing is evident in their careful selection of materials. 

While they do use genuine leather, down, and exotic animal hair, they’ve taken a stand against incorporating materials from endangered species such as endangered animal skins, fur, and angora. 

Furthermore, the brand consciously avoids mulesed wool, a practice considered harmful to sheep. Adding to their ethical credentials, American Eagle has a clear policy against animal testing, ensuring their products are cruelty-free.

Who Founded American Eagle?

The company started with Jerry and Mark Silverman. They’re the guys who had the original idea and got everything going. 

But as time went on, a guy named Jacob Prince took the reins. He’s now the main person in charge of guiding the brand forward.

And just to give you an idea of how big they’ve become: American Eagle Outfitters has assets worth over $3.435 billion! That’s a lot, making them a major name in the fashion retail world.

Where is American Eagle Headquarters?

Where is American Eagle Headquarters?

American Eagle Outfitters has its main headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is the central spot where they manage everything for their huge network of 1,307 stores.

Not just the main brand, but from this Pittsburgh base, they also oversee other brands they own, like Aerie, 77kids, and Martin + Osa.

Are American Eagle Clothes Made in China?

Are American Eagle Clothes Made in China?

Yes, American Eagle Outfitters does produce some of its clothing in China. As one of the leading global fashion brands, American Eagle leverages the vast textile and manufacturing capabilities that China, often referred to as the world’s factory, offers.

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China’s rich textile landscape combines both quality and cost-effectiveness, making it a preferred destination for many international clothing brands.

However, it’s worth noting that while a significant portion of American Eagle’s apparel might be produced in China, the brand also sources from other countries like India and Vietnam to diversify its supply chain and tap into varied textile traditions and expertise.

Is Investing in American Eagle Products Worthwhile?

First and foremost, American Eagle isn’t merely a name in the fashion industry; it’s recognized worldwide. 

Notably, it has clinched the 25th position in the Top 100 Global Brands list, highlighting its immense global influence. Their commitment to quality is evident, with a stellar product quality rating of 4.2 out of 5.

But beyond the brand’s reputation, it’s essential to look at the numbers. A market capitalization of a whopping $4.24 billion signifies not just its solid financial foundation but also the immense trust it has garnered among consumers and investors alike.

So, when pondering where to place your investments in the retail sector, American Eagle Outfitters emerges as a contender worth serious consideration.

What is Aerie? A Quick Overview

What is Aerie?

Aerie is a brand under the American Eagle Outfitters family, launched in 2006. While it began focusing on intimate wear for women aged 15-22, it now offers much more than just lingerie.

In fact, Aerie’s range includes sleepwear, clothes for lounging around (like dorm and loungewear), bras, and other undergarments. Despite big competitors like GapBody and Pink by Victoria’s Secret, Aerie has made a name for itself in the fashion world.

A bonus? Everything from Aerie comes with a ‘Made in the USA’ tag, showing their commitment to making their products at home. 


In the vast tapestry of the global fashion industry, American Eagle Outfitters emerges as a vibrant thread, weaving stories of innovation, quality, and global collaboration.

Every piece of apparel, be it jeans or a graphic tee, carries with it a legacy of dedication, craftsmanship, and style.


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