Where to buy Chloe Dupe Bags 2023

by Tim Blue

Since 1950, the France based Chloe has achieved the most envied recognition as one of the most sought after bag brands in the business. The high profile fans of Chloe bags who proudly owned them once include celebrities like Jackie Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly. Their patronage made Chloe the most defining name in the bag making industry during 1970s. Chloe bags are far from being affordable to the middle and lower middle-class customers.

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Chloe Faye Shoulder Dupe Bag

Chloe Small Joan bag

Chloe Marcie Handbag Dupe

Chloe Woody Tote Bag

Chole Mini Marci Dupe Bag

Chloe Faye Small Shoulder Bag

Chloe Straw Bag Dupe

However, Chloe bag admirers need not lose hopes of owning these prestige symbols. They can as well invest in Chloe dupe bags that are exact replicas of their high priced counterparts, but carry affordable price tags that are hard to believe. I have done a thorough research in the Chloe dupe bags segment to give you an idea on where to buy Chloe dupe bags that sport a good quality, exact looks and affordable prices. Here are some shopping links to buy some great look alike options of Chloe bags.

How to distinguish original Chloe handbags from the dupes?

There are five ways you can distinguish between original and fake Chloe bags. 

  • Quality of the material – Original Chloe bags use authentic high quality leather and fakes are actually quite stiff to the touch.
  • Durability – Authentic Chloe handbags are durable and made to last. Chloe handbags carry trademark features like the big ring, the unique bag mouth and even the brand name Chloe on the front of the bag.
  • Font and Spelling – Chloe handbags are unique and every bag out there has a Chloe branding on either the straps or the front of the bag. The word Chloe is written in a special font and is unique to the brand and not all dupes come with the right spelling of the brand.
  • Hologram – Genuine Chloe handbags come with their own serial numbers that are stamped on a leather tab and sewn on the inside of the bag. The serial number available is a part of the hologram and the one way you can authenticate the bag is by checking the serial number/hologram via the Chloe authenticator.
  • Stitching – Finally, the lasat way to check the authenticity of Chloe bags is to take a look at the stitching. There should be no irregularities or uneven patterns, the stitch work is going to be  evenly distributed and there should be no traces of glue on the handbag, ifg there is then that handbag is either a fake or a dupe.

Where are Chloe dupe bags made?

Chloe dupes are generally made in China, but there are manufacturers based out of Vietnam, Thailand and Korea. Most of the best high quality Chloe bag dupes are available on DHgate, but they’re not as affordable as you might imagine.

DeSiGnEr Bag Haul From DHGate *Is It A Scam* | emmbecks

Fake Chloe Bag

Chloe Faye Shoulder bag dupe 

Chloe Faye Shoulder bag follows the spirit of 1970s. In designing this most popular satchel, the France based luxury bag maker seems to give its fans the tranquil style of the Parisian elegance. Perfectly designed to show off that much expected luxury, it is no wonder that the Chloe Faye shoulder bag has a huge following. This replica of Chloe Faye shoulder bag carrying an affordable price tag is one of the best dupes of the luxury brand model. 

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This cross body type women shoulder bag sports a letter plain artwork any one will admire on the first sight. The material is nylon PU genuine leather. The bag’s design is embellished with the finest hardware including Tassel chains lock. Perfect for a gift to the lady you admire for any occasion, the bag comes with an interior compartment, flap pocket and cover type closure. The lining is done in synthetic leather and the bag boasts of a durable construction.

Chloe Small Joan Cross-Body Bag dupe

In this highly admired shoulder bag model for women, Chloe offers a cross-body zippered handbag fitted with double straps. This is an elegant day bag due to its front pouch and spacious inner compartment. The feminine braided ‘O’ ring is a signature hardware of the luxury bag brand. The Chloe Small Joan Cross-Body Bag dupe you find in the picture is one of the most reliable look alike bags of this highly in demand Chloe model. The bag maker has meticulously imitated every single aspect of the Chloe original. 

This flat type shoulder bag is made of genuine leather with stocked pattern. The lining is done with stocked wool genuine leather. The frame shape body follows a durable construction. The closure is hoop type and this is an evening bag suitable for all kinds of outdoor events. The bag has stocked interiors for a convenient storing of things. The vacuum compressed bag can last for long and assure the exact looks of the Chloe original.

Chloe Marcie handbag dupe

Marcie is one of the iconic handbag models from Chloe that are hotly pursued and sport a timeless style. Clear lines and a contour design are meticulously implemented in this tote to enhance the looks and for authentic details, the bag maker offers hand-wrapped leather handles. This Chloe Marcie handbag dupe is an excellent replica of the original with all the features and details faithfully recreated to achieve the same looks. The attractive price makes this the best buy for a fraction of the cost you need to invest in a Chloe bag.

The detachable strap works well for cross body styling and the handbag is made of genuine leather for fine looks and durable construction. The closure is cover type and the shape of the bag follows a tote style. The bag maker has provided a cotton lining inside the purse. There is an inner zipper pocket for safe additional storage. This is a versatile kind of bag suitable for casual as well as formal uses, parties and events.

Chloe Mini Marcie Bag dupe

Chloe Mini Marcie saddle bag is a cute handbag compactly designed while retaining the elegant looks of the model’s bigger counterpart. The clean topline is ably paired with the round silhouette to bestow a balanced luxury to the tote. The elegant design of the bag can go well with any attire you might plan for a party presenting a harmonious look. This Chloe Mini Marcie bag dupe is an able reproduction of the pricey original offered at a highly affordable price.

The bag maker has taken enough care to see that every single aspect of the original Chloe bag is exactly figured in the dupe to give a cost effective version of the tote. This fashionable shoulder bag for women is comfortable to carry and offered in lightweight design. The letter logo design, and the cavier style leather appreciable features that make this satchel a suitable accessory for beaches, parties, clubs, and daily use. Rendered with an inner zipper pocket, the genuine leather used in its making assures great looks and durability to the purse.       

Chloe Woody Tote dupe

Deviating a bit from the styles and patterns of its luxury shoulder bags category, Chloe offers in Woody tote, a highly spacious bag for every day needs. The signature Chloe ribbon and polished leather bestow a modern and practical design to the bag. The bag is styled to be worn comfortably on the shoulder. This faithful replica of the Chloe Woody Tote is priced at a fraction of the cost of the original luxurious option. However, all the details of the Chloe member are given in precise detail in this tote. 

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Made of canvas cotton, the fashion bag has a no zipper closure. The design follows a letter plain style. A great gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day and Easter, this shoulder bag will suit any woman you admire. Whether you wish to own it or gift it to someone, this is a best value buy thanks to its affordable price tag while providing an impeccable imitation of the luxury tote.   

Chloe Faye Small Shoulder Bag Dupe

Chloe Faye small shoulder bag follows a cute design with a neatly cut silhouette and clear lines nicely enhanced with the front flap. This small shoulder bag is an elegant and compact satchel that gains its luxurious looks from the strikingly beautiful hardware. But for its heavy price, this is an irresistible model from Chloe to fashionable customers. This Chloe Faye small shoulder bag dupe is carefully crafted in lines of the original product to give a faithful replica at a throw away price anyone can find comfortable to spend on a fashion accessory.

This is a clutch style bag made of genuine quality leather that bestows fine looks and durability to the product. The pattern of the bag is styled in floral leopard soild patchwork. There is an interior slot pocket and the closure is cover type. This is an evening bag most suitable for gifts and personal use. In this Chloe Faye dupe, you have one of the best handbags that can help proudly showcase your fashion mania. 

Chloe Kiss Leather Cross Body Bag

There are quite a few reasons why the replica Chloé Kiss crossbody bag is a classic. Not only does it come in cute colors, but its simple design makes it versatile and easy to wear. I really like that the bag can be carried across your shoulder or just by hand because style is all about convenience after all.

There’s a small section for your phone (holds up to an iPhone 7), and plenty of room for all your other personal effects. The metal clasp is shaped like a set of lips— identical to Chloe’s trademark design. The bag is made from genuine leather and is available on DHgate at a bargain price.

Chloe Nile Leather Handbag Dupe

If you’re a fan of the Chloe Nike range of leather handbags then this seller on DHgate has you covered. It’s one of the most popular handbag dupes available in the market and is pretty affordable too. Priced at just under $100, this replica is made from some real high quality materials and features identical leather and stitching finish as the ones retailed on the Chloe website.

The bag comes with a branded Chloe box along with tags to showcase that the product is authentic, but the subtle differences such as the edge wear and other minor details, though not noticeable, can actually stand out in the eyes of an expert. All-in-all, this handbag is a rather well priced item and has received a really good rating considering it’s made from genuine leather.

Chloe Tess Mini Handbag Dupe

chole look alike bags

Chloé’s Tess mini bag is made from a beautiful combination of calfskin grained leather and calfskin with a sparkly finish. It is the perfect everyday bag for holding all your essentials but despite the compact design, it can fit all you need.

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The striking golden front loop has the “O” signature on it, just like every authentic Chloé product and this bag comes with a long brown strap and a short one so you can find what’s best suited to carrying your handbag in style. 

There are two options available and you get to choose whether you want the branding and logos placed on the product or not. Having the logos included will increase the price of the handbag by roughly $40, but it’s still worth it considering the original Tess mini costs upwards of $1,200.

Chloe Artsy Woody Basket Dupe

designer inspired chole gupe bags

Looking for something practical to take to the beach or the market then you should check out the Woody basket dupe on DHgate. A luxurious design inspired by a traditional basket pattern and an instant summer classic, the Chloé Woody Basket is handwoven from recycled cotton twill and comes with a leather bottom patch protecting the underneath of the bag. 

The straps are made from high quality cotton and It’s quite cheap and well-made making it one of the most popular Chloe dupes available today. At under $40, this bag screams style and sophistication without any effort. The store on DHgate offers great discounts for first time buyers as well as free shipping on certain items.

Are Chloe dupe bags worth their prices?

My research into the Chloe replica bags segment reveals that it is possible to find good quality Chloe dupes that you can trust despite their low prices. The dupes bags market is a thriving one with a galaxy of players giving their best while offering the imitations of some high priced brands like Chloe. Especially when it comes to handbags for women, a little search online will give you a long list of dupe bags whose prices will delight you. Since these dupes make the way to land on your dream bags at an affordable spend, they are undoubtedly a great option. 

Across most of Chloe dupe handbags, the bag makers use the best in class leather that is known for its durability and fine looks. The design of these bags made by many such frontline dupe bag makers ably replicate every small aspect of Chloe bags to deliver faultless look alike products. When it comes to pricing, good quality Chloe bags fall in the mid-price category and they assure you the faithful reproduction of the original Chloe bags. 

While there is a long list of options to consider while shopping for Chloe dupe bags, you must exercise a great care not to fall for mere looks that can allure you at the first sight. Remember not to sideline the quality, convenience, and comfort aspects in order to make a saving on your buys. Therefore, it is always a good idea to pick your favorite Chloe dupe bags from the mid-price segment where it is feasible to expect some quality. When you do some research and choose the best Chloe look alike bags sold by reputed sellers online or offline, you are sure to land on the best value buys you can proudly own.

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